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Avaaz is a way to empower people and to give them a strong voice. Avaaz, which means “voice” in many European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. was launched in 2007 with a mission to do just that. The organization is trying to organize citizens in the world in order to close the gaps that exist in it.

Avaaz is all about empowering people and currently empowers millions of people to step up and take action against the things that they don’t believe in and want to change for the better. They organize together to fight global, regional, and national issues from poverty to unjust conflicts and even climate change. Avaaz utilizes internet organizing in order to organize countless efforts all over the world, big or small, that will make an impact on the world that we live in. This internet organization makes it possible to quickly combine a powerful and collective force.

Avaaz currently campaigns in 15 different languages, which is served by a team of thousands of volunteers. Avaaz signs petitions, organizes protests and events and makes sure that the values of the people in the world are met and upheld.

Avaaz is a member-funded organization and does not rely on corporate sponsor or government assistance. Avaaz believe that it is better that way because there will be no sway by such contributors and that leaves Avaaz to have the control over what protests are held and what actions are taken. Avaaz has a specific set of values that very are important to the members that ere a part of it and Avaaz is joining people together so that they can have a much stronger voice against government and big corporations. They are making it possible to move a change in the world. Avaaz gives hope to the people.

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