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HGGC is a leading equity firm and funding partner for FPX. The company made an investment that shows its confidence in the global leader in Configure Price Quote solutions. HGGC purchased FPX in April 2016 and is putting the necessary funding behind the new partnership. FPX will be able to push forward with its global expansion plans with the influx of resources. It is a move that supports strategic partnerships and enhances its channel.

FPX is receiving the extra support after experiencing a significant surge of growth with branches operating branches in Munich, Germany and London, England. Stronger management has developed new relationships, making strategic partners of both SAP and Microsoft.

The Chief Executive Officer of FPX is inspired by the actions of their partner and considers the financial investment as a gesture of faith. B2B companies are continuing to incorporate CPQ solutions as the market evolves and adapts. Capturing more of the market share is a crucial element of the business framework. There are routine advances in the capabilities to provide high-end CPQ solutions for multi-channel companies. A priority is placed on creating an exceptional model which supports the initiatives of global customers.

FPX is an expert of simplifying the buying and selling experience while working as an independent SaaS vendor. The process places enterprise businesses with the needs of modern omnichannel customers. FPX can influence success. It holds power to overcome the most complex levels of operation. The procedures are very nimble and can advance any commerce strategy. The simple process seamlessly extends and elevates the capabilities of direct and indirect sales. FPX enterprise CPQ is the leading organization for optimizing the buying and selling experience today. The service is flexible and operates across all transactions, partner, and e-commerce channels. The result is increased revenue, profit margins, and increased loyalty.

HGGC has built over $4.3 billion in capital commitments. It grew into a leading middle-market private equity firm at the same time. The company has its headquarter in Palo Alto, Calif and the “Advantaged Investing” business model set HGGC apart from its contemperaries. The strategy is a critical factor in allowing the firm to source and acquire scalable businesses. The process works through a series of management teams, founders, partnerships, and sponsors. The partners reinvest with HGGC creating a powerful alignment of interests. HGGC has conducted more than 60 platform investments in its days of doing business. Total add-on acquisitions, recapitalizations, and liquidity events have a value of more than $15 billion.

Renew Youth was recently featured in an article posted on the Blogwebpedia website titled “Do Anti-Aging Creams Really Work? Renew Youth Answers.” The article was written by Stephen Callahan who reveals how hormones can lead to aging skin and how to protect the appearance of youth with Renew Youth’s Topical Estrogen Cream.

The article reveals that many women are struggling with their skin because they feel that it makes them look older than they are. With the plethora of products available, it can be difficult to determine if anti-aging creams work or if they are simply an expensive product. Renew Youth reveals that a huge contributor to aging skin is the hormones at work in the body. If the root cause of aging skin is hormones, it can be beneficial to work with certain products that contain beneficial ingredients.

 Renew Youth is an expert in helping women in menopause find solutions for the variety of problems that occur when the body goes through menopause. They provide reliable information about aging as well as effective products that can help reduce the appearance of aging. Youthful skin begins with three main elements including collagen, elastin, and moisture. Moisture is created from the oils naturally found on the skin and a variety of compounds like hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin stay hydrated by plumping up the skin cells. Collagen, however, is a protein that keeps the structure of tissues strong, The protein helps keep the skin cells strong, creating a firm and tight look. Elastin is another protein found in skin cells that provides skin with resiliency to help it return to its original shape after being pressed or pulled.

There are a number of different things that can affect the three components of healthy skin. Environment, poor diet, and hormones can all have an effect on the skin and can cause the skin show signs of aging like discoloration or age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.


One of the main concerns for leaders of the motor racing sector has been the desire to make different sectors of the sport acceptable during environmentally evolving times. The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere during races of all types has led Formula 1 organizers to shift to hybrid engines and better battery technologies. In the rally sector, a different initiative has been headed by Michel Terpins who was awarded the Carbon Free Seal of the Green Initiative as far back as 2017.

After taking the second stage of the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally in Brazil in March 2017, Michel terpins and navigator Maykel Justo were rewarded for their efforts in a number of ways. Terpins is competing in his seventh Sertoes Rally and won the second stage of the 2017 edition after dropping out of the 2016 race on the first day following a crash in the Prototype one class. Despite the success, he saw in moving up to seventh overall after stage two of the 2017 event, the decision to award the driver and navigator from the MEM team were happy to be awarded the green seal during the race.

Teams have been given the option of offsetting the carbon produced by their vehicles during the race through the plating of trees in the Atlantic Forest of South America. The forest is one of the most ecologically diverse in the world and one of the most threatened by deforestation. After the second stage of the 2017 Sertoes Rally, Michel terpins and his navigator had funded the planting of enough trees to offset their carbon emissions throughout the race.

Success on the rally courses of Brazil is not a new feeling for Michel Terpins as he has made the leap from top motorcycle rally driver to success in cars with relative ease. Debuting in the motorcycle rallies in Brazil of 2002, Michel Terpins arrived in the car sector in the early-2010s and quickly adapted to become one of the top homegrown drivers in an important sector for a nation intent on global motorsports success.


Food is a necessity and we need food to live – that’s a fact. Through time, evolution and development – we as a race have produced different ways of making food. We have developed the whole fast food industry which produces food at a very fast rate for everyone to enjoy. The fast food industry is well cherished by their fan base because of the comfortability and the convenience of the food that it offers.

Pizza has been one of the most well loved food items in the world. Pizza has worked its way up the ladder and has even built a whole industry around itself. Pizza is now a staple food item that is cherished and loved by food enthusiasts around the world. Pizza has declared itself as a go-to food item for every gathering and every occasion, in or out of the household.

With Pizza and its popularity, there have been a lot of restaurants and bistros that offer their take on pizza. And one of the most popular pizza places in the world is Papa John’s Pizza. Papa John’s Pizza is one of the pizza parlors who has maintained the original make of the pizza where all of their products are in close resemblance to the original and authentic Italian pizza. Papa John’s is certainly a household name when it comes to pizza, and their market and consumer base is rock solid and this keeps their business competitive and present in the market.

However, Papa John’s is not immune to controversies that can hurt their business. Recently, Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, was involved in a fiasco that concerned blatant racism. And this matter was not taken lightly by the media – and it blew up pretty quickly and it quickly affected their market and their consumer behavior. The scandal that John Schnatter made even affected the partnerships of the brand. Gratefully enough, the brand was saved by the CEO of the brand, Steve Ritchie, when he publicly apologized via a heartfelt letter – saying that the founder is not a direct reflection of the brand and they are a lover of diversity and a supporter of the community.

There are many challenges involved with being a teacher. One of those challenges includes connecting with parents and students. Over the last seven years Classdojo has making this much easier. The mobile application allows teachers to communicate with parents through messaging, pictures and video. It has become very popular around the world. Now the app is preparing to take another giant step forward.

Since it’s creation in 2011, Classdojo has never charged their teachers or their parents. Amazingly they have been one of the few applications to survive with this model. Now Classdojo is looking to expand it’s app. They are looking to add features through a subscription service. The new changes will be known as ‘Beyond School.’ The focus of Beyond School will be to teach students techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to help them grow as people.

Beyond School will have a number of different features. For starters they will use a system in which parents can give points to their children just like in the current model. Now parents can create their own criteria for giving out points. Students who use classdojo love the avatars they can choose. Now students will have the ability to create and customize their own application. The avatars will now truly represent them.

Beyond School will also have a number of informational videos. Many of these videos are designed to guide parents through the process of using meditation and mindfulness with their kids. Students will also have the ability to record videos in response to questions from their parents.

Classdojo’s ability to survive without charging customers is a credit to the company and its investors. Now they are prepared to take a step forward. Beyond School is currently being piloted in select schools and will be available to everyone starting February of 2019 for less than ten dollars a month.

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InnovaCare Health is a leader in government health care programs, specifically Medicare and Medicaid. They also operate private provider programs. They are leading the fight to restore medical care to Puerto Rico and are the major health care providers for that hurricane-ravaged country. InnovaCare focuses on creating partnerships between patients and medical providers to optimize care. They also strive for efficient business practices and innovative medical technology. They are experts in managed care and believe that everyone benefits when medicine and efficiency are paired together.

InnovaCare Health Growing with New CAO Penelope Kokkinides

In 2016, Penelope Kokkinides rejoined InnovaCare as the new Chief Administrative Officer. She has more than two decades of health care experience working for many national health care companies. Kokkinides specializes in government health programs including Medicaid and Medicare as well as general managed care. In conjunction with her return to InnovaCare, she was interviewed by IdeaMensch and her passion for business and life were quite obvious throughout the interview. Kokkinides is a disciplined and focused individual. It is easy to see how she has used these same skills to help make health care more efficient and effective and yet still compassionate and patient-focused.

Kokkinides has an incredibly busy schedule but uses several means to stay on track and very efficient. She is never far from her power charger as being connected is crucial in today’s technology-driven business world. Kokkinides revels in the ease of connecting with others especially with email and video conferencing. One of her biggest tips is to take time every night to prioritize what needs to be done the next day and the specific steps required.

With Kokkinidies’ Guidance InnovaCare Health is Reforming Medical Payment Plans

InnovaCare Health is an active partner in the innovative “Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network” aka LAN. LAN was started in 2015 by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) as a partnership with private, public, and non-profit medical providers to reform health care costs. InnovaCare joined the efforts in 2016 coinciding with the return of Kokkinides and the new leadership team. LAN is aimed at reducing health care costs and make medicine more affordable. The goal is a thirty percent reduction in costs and the overall goal is to make health care more efficient and improve quality. Value over volume is the focus and InnovaCare Health is working to make that a reality.

One of the global leading enterprise FPX has received an undisclosed funding amount from one of its lending partners known as HGGC. HGGC is a global middle-market private equity firm. HGGC acquired FPX in 2016 and has been funding it to allow expansion of its services to the global space. FPX is keen on its product development and improving its strategic partnerships around the world. HGGC is popular for investing in companies that deal with e-commerce platforms and other applications. So far it has invested over $15 billion in different companies such as Hybris, MyWebGrocer and Selligent.

After the investment by HGGC, FPX is now on the verge of dominating the CPQ market, according to the chief executive officer Rich Lawson. This company invested in FPX because it was clear to them it was the only company with product capability, enormous dominance in the markets, and innovation for growth in the future. After the funding by this company, FBX has seen a period of tremendous growth and even opening European headquarters in Munich, Germany. It has also expanded its presence in England with an office located in London. FBX has benefited from new senior executives who have strengthened its international management and partnerships with other strategic partners such as Microsoft and SAP.

As the market continues to evolve more B2B companies are integrating CPQ solutions into their business models giving FBX a chance to expand its operations globally. FPX is in the process of creating the most advanced CPQ solutions for it multichannel companies. It’s also creating an operating model that supports all its customers’ business strategies globally.

HGGC leads in the middle market private equity business with a capital of over $4.3 billion. Its headquarters are in Palo Alto, California. Its business model is unique due to its advantaged investing. This model enables it to attract multiple partners and even sponsors who are ready to invest alongside the company. Since it was formed, teh equity firm has managed to complete over 60 investments accusations recapitalization and even liquidity events with transactions amounts going for more than $15 billion.

Preparing for retirement is an important part of every person’s career life. Most people in the United States save for retirement by saving a portion of their income in a 401k. This is good but the money saved does not guarantee one the same kind of lifestyle they used to enjoy. One may assume that Social Security will take care of the difference. Unfortunately, social security only gives $2800 per family where both spouses are working. This is where the revolutionary investment idea by Matt Badiali called Freedom Checks comes in.

Matt Badiali who works at Banyan Hill as an analyst came up with Freedom Checks which is a profitable investment idea. By using a law in the constitution that few people know about he has been able to provide the opportunity to earn high returns and get government subsidies for his investors. Investors get high returns legally because the companies that they invest in do not get taxed. In addition, investors also receive checks from the government since they have made good use of their capital.

According to the US tax law that Matt Badiali leverages in Freedom Checks, companies that use up to 90% or more of locally sourced raw materials are eligible for tax exemption. Statute 26-F of the tax code holds that if a company has used American resources for transportation, storage, processing, and production they qualify for tax exemption. Investments into these companies are used to run the companies by buying machinery, paying employees along with any other operational costs.

Very few companies qualify for this exemption as most companies in the country have outsourced operation to Asia and that means they cannot qualify. These companies according to statute 26-F are expected to give a portion of revenue to shareholders and this is why Freedom Checks are very profitable to investors. This is however much lower than the amount required by the IRS as federal tax annually.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an Analyst at Banyan Hill publishing. He attended Penn State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience. He holds a Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University.

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Sunday Riley is an entrepreneur who launched her own skincare products after finding many of the products that were on the market were not satisfying her need for quality. She does not put any unnatural ingredients in her skincare products. The Sunday Riley product line comes with a price.

For many fans of the product line, the price is well worth it. While the Sunday Riley product line is generally made up of skincare products the company expects to add to the family soon. The company has attempted, in the past, to launch a full line of cosmetics. The line was discontinued after a couple years.

The Sunday Riley Skincare line had humble beginnings. When the company started out, it was easy for its founder to find a store to carry the products. Sunday Riley Skincare products could be found exclusively at one high-end retailer with stores in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago.

The most difficult part of launching a skincare line for Sally Riley was the advertising. Like many companies who are just starting she found that she had an almost non-existing advertising budget. She turned to social media.

Riley found that handing out samples the takers would post their reviews online, many to their social media accounts. She advertised via her own social media outlets, with the help of friends and family, free samples of her skincare products. Takers of the skincare samples tried it out and even those with only a few hundred followers shared the results and their likes along with their dislikes. Word-of-mouth spread and the Sunday Riley Skincare line was in business.

Sunday Riley was hesitant about using her own name on the bottles of her skincare products. She felt this is going to be a reflection of who she was. Perhaps, this would cause some not to buy the products. Then again if the products fail, this too would forever be linked to her personally. She gave her line of skincare products her name only because the high-end retailer agreeing to stock a supply of it insisted upon it.

The Passion

David McDonald is a man of high standards and goals. He is passionate about the David McDonald OSI group and what they do. He started out at the bottom when he joined the OSI Group, just like so many people would. Through hard work and determination, he worked his way up the ladder. The David McDonald OSI group is a premier global food provider. David has played a large role in the success of this company. He strives to provide the needs of customers without the hassle.

The Venture of David McDonald

A recent acquisition of Baho Foods has helped David McDonald OSI Group’s presence even through Europe. He has also helped to establish 10 different Chinese factories that serve some very well known chain restaurants.

Starting from the ground up, David McDonald OSI Group has turned into a global leader. They started out as a neighborhood butcher shop in the early 20th century. It was based in Chicago. This butcher shop soon became a supplier for the restaurant McDonalds. Since then it has grown and become a provider for so many more food chains, both in the US and Internationally.

Background of David

David McDonald grew up on a farm and always enjoyed agriculture. He is a graduate from Iowa State University. His Bachelors degree is in animal science. He has been recognized throughout his life. As a senior in college, he was awarded with “outstanding seniors who display high character, outstanding achievement in academics and university/community activities, and promise of continuing these exemplary qualities as alumni.” In 2004 he won the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award. This was due to activism with the alumni association, and in 2014 he won University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award for Iowa state.

David McDonald has become a leader in the food provider industry and works with many different companies around the world providing first-class service to all the vendors. From a farm kid to international food service provider, David McDonald OSI group rises to the top.OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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