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Professor Sujit Choudhry is a prominent educator, expert in law and now the director of Centre for Constitutional Transitions. Appointed as the serving dean of the California University in Berkeley, Mr. Choudhry is the first Indian to earn a prestigious title as a dean in the U.S. top law institution.

Background Story

All too often, Choudhry has worked as a clerk for the Canadian Supreme Court and an advisor to many countries. Most fundamentally, he has carved out a name for himself in the industry of law. Having attended the Harvard University of Law School and later graduated with honors, it is clear that Choudhry has strong academic credentials that played a pivotal role in tossing him to the competitive world of comparative law and constitutional work ( Therefore, by studying law and analyzing sensitive situations that call for immediate action, Sujit Choudhry has been helpful in fostering peace in communities that experience unrest.

His Experiences

As an advisor to many countries, Sujit Choudhry has crafted the art of offering relevant constitutional advice to various people. That is why in his recent article on a tweet by Eric Holder, Sujit Choudhry provides indispensable remarks regarding the former attorney general. The backstory of these remarks portrays Eric Holder tweeting that impeaching Robert Mueller would be a red line. He goes on to state that should anything happen to Robert Mueller, peaceful riots would be allowed as Americans will have been deprived off their justice.

Explaining Holder’s Tweet

According to Mr. Choudhry’s internalization of the tweet, the red line is built on Holder’s thoughts of self- constitution. And because constitutions are strategically placed to govern the expectations of citizens and officials at large, there is some shred of fact in his reasoning. However, the violations of the constitutional rights do not guarantee such labels by the court. Therefore, it is worrying, according to Sujit Choudhry, that Eric Holder, even with his expertise in law enforcement, fails to identify a legal challenge to Robert Mueller’s authority. He goes on to explain that Mueller’s case rests in the hands of Americans as they are obliged to seek justice for officials.


Mr. Sujit Choudhry is a talented lawyer in practice. He believes that constitutions can be used to deliver justice to communities. That is why he applies his expertise to decipher challenging situations regarding the field of law.

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Over the years, people started learning more about their employee benefits. The ever-changing environment of the business world became more complex when people stopped asking for stock options. They just don’t see the benefit to risking benefits when they could have something like higher salaries or better insurance coverage.

That’s where experts like Jeremy Goldstein into play. He understands people’s fears and wants them to know that there are many kinds of stock options. Still, the stock option method isn’t something just workers don’t want. Corporations don’t want to deal with them either.

Many corporations eliminated stock options because they wanted to offer easier benefits. Stock options come with a long list of unnecessary burdens. Employees seem to prefer other benefits anyway. It only makes sense for corporations to offer different benefits. However, Jeremy Goldstein isn’t too sure that corporations know what they’re giving up.

For a start, stock options make employee personally invested in the company. People work harder for a company they feel they have a say in what goes on. Stock options make them directly responsible for the stock’s value. That means people can see their work improving their stocks’ value.

Not only will people work harder to satisfy current customers. They’ll develop innovative products and services to attract more desired customers. They’ll also work harder to set the company apart from others and make it stand out more. This all creates a better work environment, meaning productivity and efficiency subsequently rise as well.

Even though stock options sound great when looked at from Jeremy Goldstein’s perspective, corporations still need to talk to their auditors. Stock options may not be the best for every corporation. Employee benefits are a serious matter that needs to be heavily discussed before eliminating or providing anything to employees.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He established this firm after working at a similar organization for a number of years. Since then, he’s gained 15 years of experience working on some high-profile cases. He’s basically worked on every major case his firm has handled.

When he’s not working, he’s donating his time to local charities. He serves on the board of a local foundation called Fountain House. Learn more:

Sujit Choudhry is a well renowned character for the analysis of foreign legal systems and political events worldwide. Mr Choudhry talks about constitutional democracies in crisis, in a chapter of a book he wrote. Highlighting various issues concerning the present day political state of Poland and how the polish government led to the deterioration of its constitutional democracy.

In the chapter Professor Sujit Choudhry talks about the present political state of the nation. Pointing out the media and other parties leading to the worsening of constitutional democracy and the country’s presidency being a dictatorship.

He says the opposition to democracy grew since the beginning of the Cold War. Mainly his focal point is the law of Poland and the Prawo I Sprawiedliwosc (PiS) which is Poland’s justice party. The party is chaired by Jaroslaw Kaczynski and was founded by both Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Leck Kaczynski who are twin brothers. During the 2005 presidency election, the party worn by Leck Kaczynski and Jaroslaw became the prime minister of Poland. Thence the government directed its focus on weakening the core of the country’s constitutional democracy to remove any opposition to the ruling party and its stay in power in the future elections (

He further expands on the dangers faced by Poland through the justice party (PiS) which threatens its Constitutional Democracy. Choudhry further explains that the main Centre of attention was the constitutional court and other regular courts. Saying that they are members of a coherent scheme related to a single body. Furthermore, Sujit Choudhry says the laws controlling various panels such as, elections, the granting of cases to judges and the appointment of short-term term presidents are all ways by which a party through systematic means instead of the manifested reasons that represents them, controlled the Polish government and bent them to their will in a period of one year.

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional specialist and advisor (  He is also a law professor at the University of California and the direct the Centre in the best interests of Constitutional Transitions. He wrote and published books concerning political and constitutional laws lengthily.

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Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has developed brands in a number of industries. One of these is the hospitality industry. One of the hotels he owns is called Nihiwatu and it is located on the island of Sumba which is part of Indonesia. This is a luxury resort that is located on Nihi Watu Beach. It’s located next to a beautiful jungle and is comprised of upscale villas with private pools and many other high-end amenities. Some of the villas are as large as five bedrooms and come with butler service. It also has four restaurants and bars, a spa, water sports, and a place to do yoga.

The per-night rates charged at Nihiwatu depend on the season and the size of the villa you would like to stay in. It has a minimum night stay of three nights all year long but during both the Chinese New Year and during High Season Chris Burch says there is a minimum night stay of five nights. The Kanatar, which is a one-bedroom villa, is $750 a night during most of the year but is $1350 a night during the High Season. The most luxurious villa, which is also one of Chris Burch’s homes, is called Raja Mendaka. This is a five-bedroom home that goes for $14175 a night except for high season when it is $16225.

Chris Burch has been practically a life-long entrepreneur. He co-founded his first business while he was still studying at Ithaca College. He has many high-end clothing brands such as TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, and Tory Burch among several others (  As he’s very interested in healthy eating he has also created several organic foods brands like Blink Health, Little Duck Organics, and Baublebar among them. In addition to the Nihiwatu in Indonesia, he also owns the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires.


It was in Wayne, Pennsylvania that Chris Burch was born. He grew up in a middle-class family and he has nine siblings. His father was also an entrepreneur who owned a company that supplied mining equipment to mining companies in that state. Chris is now the founder and top executive at Burch Creative Capital and is worth around $1 billion. He has also passed on his passion for entrepreneurship to his six children. He also says that he bought the Nihiwatu as somewhat of a gift for his children to enjoy in the future.

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Big name fashion brands Tory Burch and C. Wonder have became well known brands thanks to the help from genius business mind Chris Burch. With over 40 years experience investing and growing companies Mr. Burch knows what he’s doing ( He has even worked with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, growing her lifestyle brand ED to new heights. Now he has turned his eye on the hospitality sector, and quite enjoys it.

In 2012 Chris Burch and his good friend and legendary hotelier James McBride teamed up and bought a little hostel resort on Sumba, the Indonesian island. Several years later and a worthy $30 million dollar investment later and they had Nihiwatu a drool worthy five-star resort. This resort was getting rave reviews with a nod from Travel + Leisure in 2016. They voted Nihiwatu as the world’s best hotel. The beautiful place turned out to be more spectacular than Chris Burch had hoped for. It was originally planned to be a place for his kids to come to and also a way to support the local community.

More on

This amazing resort has 27 villas, all beautiful and uniquely designed with art and antiques from the local culture and tribe. Mr. Burch has his own villa there called Raja Mendaka, which is immaculately furnished. It has four additional villas with plunge pools. Nihiwatu is not only made for rich travelers and surfers, but also has another purpose. It is the largest employer on the island. On top of that, they donate a part of their profits to the Sumba Foundation. They help the local community bu funding local projects all over the island.

Top businessman Chris Burch is a world traveler, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and creative mind. He has worked in a lot fields making him very versatile in business. He has worked in the luxury fashion industry, technology industry, consumer products, hospitality, financial services, and health foods. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Burch Creative Capital. They find creative ways to help companies in their early stages get their feet off the ground.

Mr. Burch is known for helping well-known brands like Tory Burch, Voss Water, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres rise to success. Chris sits on 9 boards for various companies and organizations. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts around the world. The successful businessman studied business at Ithaca College from 1972 to 1976.

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The American Institute of Architects is an organization designed to encourage and foster a new generation of architects. Architecture solves problems with designs, and the AIA works to promote the designers of tomorrow while preserving the past. Robert Ivy performs this job. He is the chief executive officer at the institution. The AIA functions out of Washington D.C., and the business operates with 206 staff members and has an annual budget of approximately $55 million.

Before his work at AIA, Robert was getting an education in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated with a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. He received his bachelors in English from Sewanee University in Tennessee.

In the early 2000’s, Robert was vice president of McGraw-Hill and worked as the editorial director of the construction publications. His duties involved managing 16 print periodicals, such as HQ Magazine, Constructor, and ENR a publication on engineering and construction. Besides the print media, Ivy had 17 digital products to maintain.

Ivy worked at the Architectural Record in 1996. Some of his accomplishments at the Record include seven Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards. The company Folio is a professional news publication. In 2008, the Record won the Enthusiast Award from MPA Digital Award for the website of the year.

The American Society of Magazine Editors has also acknowledged Ivy’s continuous commitment to excel and produce quality material. While at the Record, he was honored with the Award for General Excellence from the society. Rarely do they select a professional publication for this award. The American Business Media presented The Crain to Ivy in 2009 to praise and recognize his achievements in the world of publication and press.

Putting pen to paper is another accomplishment that Robert Ivy can say he has done. Fay Jones: Architect, published in 2001, is in its third edition. The story is of the American architect who worked under Frank Lloyd Wright. Euine Fay Jones life spanned from 1921 to 2004.

Robert Ivy and the American Institute of Architects will continue their efforts in advancing the art of design and architecture. Ivy will have a watchful eye as emerging technology, energy needs, and a changing population plays a crucial role in the future of design and architecture.

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Sujit Choudhry is an extremely talented and attained person who is usually considered an icon more than simply a law professional in America. He’s an internationally accepted specialist on constitutional regulations and changeover as well as world politics. His conversations on constitutional obstacles are outstanding and valuable which provide a great deal of food for considered to other experts in the field.

Career:  Sujit Choudhry is the I.Michael Heyman Teacher of Laws at the College or the University of California, Berkeley, USA. He has over twenty years’ working experience as a constitutional adviser who handled facilitating general population dialogue periods with civil modern culture categories, leading stakeholder consultants, training civil servants and bureaucrats and advisory to complex experts. He, as an adviser, combines a study agenda with intensive field experience in constitution building functions in a variety of countries like Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Yemen. He has shipped speeches in more than two dozen of countries.  To read more about his advisory works, visit

Presently, he’s also the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions , which gathers knowledge and mobilizes it by combining and leading systems of international level experts to perform research projects that offer evident-based coverage options to the experts. This organization has recently caused more than 50 international experts from over 25 countries. It has lots of link-ups with numerous NGOs, think tanks and a worldwide network of multilateral organizations.  Additional article on

He, in addition, has given his valuable services to numerous other organizations like the brand new York University or college of Law, College or University of Toronto Faculty of Regulation, Supreme Courtroom of Canada, etc. He, in addition, has functioned as an editor and co-editor of several masterpieces. He is a person in the SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY Panel of I.CON – some special international journal issues on constitutional laws and regulations.

Personal Life and Education: Sujit has great achievements not only in his professional profession but also in his formal education. He has attained various respectful diplomas for himself. He completed up his Bachelor of Research from McGill College or university in 1992, Bachelor of Artwork in Legislation from Oxford School in 1994, Bachelor of Laws and regulations (LL.B.) from the College or University of Toronto in 1996, and lastly Master of Laws and regulations (LL.M.) from Harvard Legislation Institution in 1998. From his youth, he was diligent, keen and enthusiastic kind of your person having sublime self-confidence, which fetched him a great deal of name, popularity, and money.

Efforts: His efforts to the culture as well regarding the regulations and politics is matchless and exemplary. The efforts he designed for the constitutional reforms, too, is appreciable. His memorial service as an editor and co-editor is remarkably well known. He has edited lots of hugely popular catalogs, casebooks and publications that are the Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge College or University Press, 2006) (editor), Dilemmas of Solidarity: Rethinking Redistribution in the Canadian Federation, Constitution Making, The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, Dilemmas of Solidarity: Rethinking Redistribution in the Canadian Federation, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge College or University Press, 2006) (editor). For more of his works, click

His casebook “Canadian Constitutional Law”, 4th ed. (Toronto: Emond Montgomery, 2010) (person in casebook team) is written in a lucid and reader-friendly way and it is directed at all readers. In this particular, diverse circumstances are included – on the composition of the Canadian Constitution and many more. Furthermore, this casebook provides a very important learning resource both for students and educators on Canadian constitutional regulation. Read more of his views on

Doctor Jennifer Walden is one of the leading women plastic surgeons in the United States. After years of practicing in New York City, Walden has return to her home state of Texas in 2011, quickly becoming the go-to plastic surgeon in her hometown of Austin. She specializes in using laser technology in her procedures, which are all cosmetic surgeries. Her focus is on face lifts, rhinoplasties, eye lifts, and breast augmentation. She is an expert in her field, even having helping to author a book on the subject called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

A firm believe in the old adage “looking good is feeling good”, Dr. Walden provides her patients with that added boost of confidence they nee to feel their best. That could mean anything from a breast augmentation to less invasive procedures like Botox injections and liposuctions. She does not have a lot of competition from other female plastic surgeons, which is something that set her apart in the industry as only about 11% of board certified plastic surgeons are women. She is one of only 2% of plastic surgeons that are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas with a bachelor’s in Biology and received her Medical Doctorate degree with a residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She then moved to New York City, and completed a fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, where she also worked for the better part of eight years. She moved back to Austin, Texas in 2011 and started her own practice called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. In 2014, Dr. Walden was recognized by Harper’s Bazaar as one 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States. His facebook page

The American Institute of Architecture was first called the New York Society of Architects when it was chartered in 1857. The group of 13 local architects soon decided that the name was too specific, changing the group’s name to its current iteration. The moved proved to be a good one as the institute grew rather quickly. Local chapters of the AIA popped up all over New England and by the 1880s there were local chapters as far west as Saint Louis, Missouri.

The AIA was formed in order to elevate the profession and provide a set of standards for architects of the day. In 1857 there were schools for architecture and no licensing programs so any person could call themselves an architect. The AIA changed that. In order to be a member of the AIA, one must have graduated from an accredited architectural program and be a licensed architect by a state licensure program. The result, as of 2008 there were over 90,000 architects with membership in the AIA. There are currently over 260 local chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Known as one of the premier architectural critics of the past 20 years, Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and CEO of the AIA. He was named to the position in 2011 after a long career in the field. Robert graduated from the University of the South with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and then attended Tulane University where he received a Master’s in Architecture. He then became a principal at Dean/Dale Dean & Ivy, where he worked as an architect from 1981 to 1996. In 1996 Ivy became the Editorial Director at the Architectural Record. Under his management, the publication has won numerous awards including 26 Jesse H. Neal awards and an Award for General Excellence by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

Robert Ivy also serves as the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media and is an accomplished author. In 2001, Ivy published the authoritative biography of the famous apprentice of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, title Fay Jones: Architect. Ivy continues to be a large voice in the architectural community and is dedicated to bringing architecture into the 21st century.

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There has never been a better time for you to make use of one of these amazing charter schools than right now, as it is something that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in many different ways. You can also check out their website to learn more about this amazing schooling system and to send your children there if this is something you feel you can benefit from. Rocketship Education is based out of California, but they have facilities all throughout the country, making it quick and easy for you to find one that is right for you and for your children as well.