Alexandre Gama Harnesses the Power of Advertising

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Alexandre Gama has spent a lifetime in Brazilian advertising. He has received an incredible array of awards during his career and is known internationally for his work. Over the years he honed his copywriting skills and rose to prominent positions by dint of hard work and talent.

Alexandre Gama has received an amazing honor when his work over the years was featured in a Sao Paulo Museum Exhibit. Advertising is a huge part of popular culture in Brazil and some of his most famous campaigns spanning 20 years were on display there.

His work for some of the world’s most famous brands was displayed and celebrated by many museum goers. Patrons were able to see Apple’s first ad in Brazil as well as ads for GE, Ford, and Levi’s. The Levi’s ad was a unique spot featuring faces made of denim.

A noteworthy campaign for Gama was Johnnie Walker’s 2011 “Rock Giant”. The image has lodged in the public conscious and it was a touchstone event that carried over in Brazil’s political life. It was a rallying cry for large, street protests and provided inspiration to Brazil’s citizens.

The career of Alexandre Gama is approaching legendary status. His work is inspiring to many and he shows what determination and talent can achieve.