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Learning Our Lessons From Sujit Choudhry

We know the voice and its message.  Men like Sujit Choudhry are that voice “in the wilderness” who scream out.  They speak to us from afar.

Had we been close to Sujit’s voice, we would already understand. The world is changing fast. What society had 10 years ago, we no longer have claim on. This is both a great and tragic concept to grasp. People fight for their claim to live peacefully, so the world we have today is part of their past effort.   For update on this recent tmeline activities, click this useful link.

The dynamic between contented nations and those in transition is great. To know this challenge is to know the message of Sujit Choudhry. It is the message that he screams out to us. We as individuals benefit when we take heed to the trials of humanity. There’s a great deal to learn through Sujit Choudhry, and it’s best we open our ears now. To read more about the professor, check on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

Why Transition Does Matter

Transition is not limited oppressed nations and their struggles.  Even in ideal states, the need for progress is an urgent need. The successful empires on this planet aren’t perfect. They have a long haul to go and must continue to practice the stages of transition. When this happens, we have a clear picture of why our work together truly matters.

Our existence teaches us that there’s a never ending potential for sudden failure. These obstacles can be solved, but we need the presence of legal transition to do it with. Without using the tools of transition, even great nations will fall. They will go into disarray if without a method to solve oppositions against liberty, freedom and equality.  For more of the professor’s view on politically related issues, hit on iconnectblog.com.

The Unstoppable Power Of World Transition

Transition is an unstoppable force because of its role in world order. Society will receive nothing that it does not fight for. All powers are in the hands of the people as a result. For every breathing person alive, there is power to move nations and power to improve society with.  Sujit Choudhry knows it well and wants you to also have his understanding. More related article on constitutionaltransitions.org.

Read more about his advisory works on http://sujitchoudhry.com/advisory-work/