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The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are located strategically across Florida and Michigan. The company also has developed a health and bodybuilding supplement by the name of Neurocore Muscletech. With the help of Neurocore Muscletech, it would become easier for you to improve your muscle health and overall body strength. People who exercise regularly and looking to accelerate the pace in which their body and muscle are growing, taking the help of Neurocore Muscletech is highly recommended. Neurocore is not afraid to talk about topics that others do not want to talk about such as mental health in the workplace and help people in need of support.

Reasons Why Guilherme Paulus is a Successful Investor in the Hospitality Industry

Before 1970, the Brazilian hotel and tour industry was less vibrant compared to today. Guilherme Paulus is one of the investors that have made this market one of the most vibrant markets in the world. In his four decades of investment in hospitality and tour industries, Paulus has employed many people, and he is one of the largest single-employers in Brazil. In his current position as the chair and the person in charge of GJP, his employees are over 5200, and he hopes that in the next five years, the number will be higher.

Carlos Vicente Cerchiari funded his journey in the investment world, and this is the main reason why he is a strong believer of teamwork. Guilherme Paulus works with different professionals as well as potential investors who cannot run big companies. In more than five cities, Paulus has active mentorship programs where he assists young people and other Brazilians who have a passion for the hotel business. In these mentorship programs, Guilherme Paulus assists people to identify their voice in the investment world. He is also passionate about helping people understand how to finance business ideas using all the available means in Brazil.

Apart from being a passionate investor in the tourism and hospitality industry, Paulus believes that having a knowledgeable team is a ticket to consistency and better profits in this market. Guilherme Paulus has a brilliant team behind his hospitability business. This team according to him helps in the administrative purposes and more importantly on his creative process. Occasionally, Paulus points out that he needs to restructure the company’s policies and this is where his team comes in and assist him through the whole process. He also believes that better and knowledgeable employees are his greatest assets GJP

In addition to having the best team in the hospitality industry and a better understanding of the market, Guilherme Paulus points out that understanding how to capitalize on technology is important. Unlike in the early 1980s, he points out that it is easier to understand customers, through their reviews. In the last decade, he has invested structures in improving his clients’ experiences. Conheça o empresário Guilherme Paulus e seu estilo de atuar

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