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A billionaire entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky has made a huge impact on the business world while also building an impressive resume. Lefkofsky is the founder of multiple businesses including his current company Tempus, a technology company that provides medical services. Eric is impacting the entire globe not only with his business ventures, but with his philanthropy work as well.Eric Lefkofsky grew up in a Jewish family in the heart of Michigan. He is the product of humble beginnings- his mom worked as a school teacher, his dad worked as an engineer. As a kid he attended Tamarack Camps, a Jewish summer camp where he later became a staff member.

Lefkofsky would eventually attend the University of Michigan where he would graduate with honors. Just two years later he earned his Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School.Soon after college, Lefkofsky began his work as an extraordinary entrepreneur. He worked closely with partner Brad Keywell for some of his early ventures. The duo took out a loan to start their first business Brandon Apparel, a clothing company. Recognizing the rise of the internet, the duo created Starbelly, an internet company that specializes in promotional products,just five years later. Lefkofsky would soon venture out on his own creating a number of his successful business which include companies like InnerWorkings, MediaBank and would eventually become one of the most successful companies ever. It became known as Groupon, and revolutionized the way people shop online. Lefkofsky has earned billions of dollars with this company. In 2010 it was recognized by Forbes as the fastest growing company in history.Eric Lefkofsky’s philanthropy has been just as impactful as his many business ventures. With the help of his wife, he formed the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. This group is focused on the needs of children and their education. Furthermore Lefkofsky has served as a board member on several boards including The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of the world’s leading bitcoin merchant, OPSkins. OPSkins is also the world’s leading centralized marketplace. However, it is expected that now that it is eligible for decentralization, it will soon be making the switch since a centralized technology company has more limitations to overcome. OPSkins recently opened up a revolutionary blockchain gaming asset trading platform known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (or WAX). Two big virtual trading problems that WAX has fixed are fragmentation and fraud.

The fragmentation problem has meant that since all countries have their own payment processes, languages, and security concerns, trading between countries has been nearly impossible until now. WAX has eliminated this by making a place with a central payment process, language, and security concern so that all traders everywhere can trade together no matter where they are. An important key to this is the ability to tokenize all of your assets on WAX. These tokens allow users to trade with whomever they wish instantly. Although a separate entity than OPSkins, WAX is also led by CasSelle who serves as its president.

Long prior to joining OPSkins, CasSelle earned degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford University. He served as president and CTO of Tronc and the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at Seachange International. He has also helped lead MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon’s initiative in China. He also spent time as co-founder and leader of PCCW in Hong Kong. During his time with PCCW, he was instrumental in helping it raise billions of dollars in funding. During this time he also helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for other projects. While working in Asia, he became fluent in both Japanese and Mandarin. It was also during these earlier years that he was an active early investor in Facebook, Zynga, and various blockchain companies.

Brazil is known to the world for many amazing sites and attributes to the country. It is not very often you would think of a car manufacturer as being so up and coming. In 1979 Carlos Alberto de Olveira Andrade founded CAOA, a car manufacturing company.

A journalist by the name of Feldman interviewed him in 2012 and asked how he had accomplished so much. Dr. Carlos said that had used the example of the Korean car companies. They at first contracted with other car companies to manufacture cars, then they branched out and designed their own. A few years later he spoke to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade again. He found that Dr. Carlos decided to not adopt the way of the Korean’s but to do it differently. In his 2012 interview, Feldman mentioned that there had been no greater controversy, in addition to importing and selling cars he has set up a factory in Anapolis and manufactures HR and HD 80 trucks with a license from Hyundai. The factory even assembles older models like the Tucson and ix35.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade decided to keep the Chinese as partners while taking over Chey’s operation, and all the while manufacturing his own models in Jacarei and Anapolis. He is now one of the biggest names in Brazil in the auto business industry. He owns the big chains of dealerships, and contracts with different car makers to produce their cars in Brazil.

The CAOA owns dealerships from Ford, Hyundai, and Subaru. They also produce the Tucson, ix35, the new Tucson SUV’s, the HR, and the HD80 trucks. In about 4 decades, they have sold more than one million cars in the Brazilian market.

All in all, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is making history with his company CAOA. He learned from other countries techniques and applied his own tactics to make his business work in the best way possible.

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Gareth Henry is a 35 year old openly gay badminton player, gay right activist, and social worker. His birth place, Jamaica, is one of 76 countries that still criminalize same sex relationships. Gareth Henry filed for refugee status in 2008 and fled to Canada due to a death threat delivered by local police in his hometown. This death threat was following beating that Henry took at the hands of four local police officers, due to his advocacy work that he was doing for the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG). This attack took place in front of 200 by standers. Gareth Henry has gone through the pain of 13 friends being killed due to homophobic attacks, some of which he had to identify.

On a few occasions Henry reported the harassment and threats delivered by the local police to the local government, to no avail. There was even no response to him after he was attacked in 2007, which made national headlines. Gareth Henry is currently working to hold the government of Jamaica accountable because although he was able to make it out and find asylum in Canada, there are so many other gay individuals in Jamaica that are still suffering.

Gareth Henry volunteers with Rainbow Railroad, a non profit in Canada that helps with relocating LGBTQ individuals faces with the same violence and threats he once did. In 2016 alone, he helped relocate 60 refugees, many from his home country.

“We need to band together. We need to become more of a community trying to find creative ways to be our brother’s keeper,” Henry told Ubuntu Biography Project. Although the list of LGBTQ community members seeking asylum has increased, Henry is still working to bring that LGBTQ community together, so that they can least have each other.

In August of 2017, Jamaica had it’s 3rd annual PRIDE celebration was held and Henry could not make it due to not being allowed back in the country. He continues to encourage members of LGBTQ community to stay steadfast and continue the fight justice against discrimination and hatred.

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