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NGP VAN, Inc. is a private database for voters and a provider of Web hosting services. The US Democratic Party-USDP uses it, the Democratic Party campaign, and other nonprofit organizations approved by the DPJ. The NGP VAN platforms and services are used in campaigns that are political and social for funding, campaign funding compliance, grassroots organizations, and digital organization. NGP VAN was launched in 2001 and is headquartered in Washington DC, Massachusetts.


NGP VAN’s Role in Campaigns


NGP VAN, headquartered in Washington, DC, is a software company that provides tools for organizing and funding progressive campaigns. NGP VAN is used in major progressive democratic campaigns, including the 2008 election campaign, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, in 2016. In addition to providing technical expertise in political campaigns, NGP VAN provides fundraising and social networking platforms. These services are offered to non-profit organizations and local governments.


NGP VAN’s Role in “Days without Women” Celebrations


NGP VAN organized a “Days without Women,” celebrating women staff, and giving back to the organizations in DC, which support women. In the diverse industry, NGP VAN recognizes the great value that women from all walks of life add to the workplace. It is important for women to be celebrated. By participating in an international women’s day, this leading software company is focusing on its progressive values and beliefs in gender justice. This event is part of VAN NGP’s great culture and promotes workplace equality and valuable analytics technology as a software company.


Role of NGP VAN in Supporting LGBTQ


As a supporter of progressive campaigns, NGP VAN recognizes the importance of transgender, gay, lesbian, queer, and bisexual-LGBTQ. The company has integrated properties that are inclusive in the software, which is LGBTQ friendly. Many software companies continue to use gender binary data for demographic data, but NGP VAN has recently incorporated the use of non-binary pronouns in voter communication records. Thanks to this change, NGP VAN donors, supporters and volunteers can manage as accurately as possible.


Targeting voters who are from LGBTQ, it is important. This is because, for progressive democratic campaigns, it is estimated that there are more than 10 million LGBTQ voters who reside in the United States. These voters are mainly in urban areas and suburbs. They, therefore, represent the important demographic composition of democratic campaigns. Additionally, targeting the votes of LGBTQ. Changes to NGP VAN will also promote a more inclusive view of gender.


Yanni Hufnagel is an ever-running source of persistence and energy. Once considered one of the best assistant coaches in college basketball with a reputation of doing whatever it takes to get his man. Those who come across his path are impressed with the go-getting move maker.


Who Is Yanni Hufnagel?

Yanni was born on August 26, 1982, in Scarsdale, New York. He went to Pennsylvania State University and was on the lacrosse team as a defenseman. He went on to attend Cornell University where he would obtain his Bachelor of Science degree pertaining to Industrial and Labor Relations in 2006.


He served as an intern to the New Jersey Nets. This experience served him well as he became an assistant coach for the Sooners men’s basketball team at the University of Oklahoma. While there he helped mold Blake Griffin.


The Drive and Will To Recruit

Jon Rothstein, a CBS sports analyst was once quoted as saying, “Yanni is, without question, one of the more relentless people I’ve ever met in my life.” This is what it takes to be a recruiter. He was dedicated to his job and travel a lot. His hard work and dedication paid off for whoever employed him at that time.


Oil Rises To The Top

As he continued to travel all over the country and scout top prospects his reputation and value grew. Yanni Hufnagel became one of the most talked about assistants for his fire and work. Although he says that he didn’t really see a career in coaching until he headed to Oklahoma to assist Jeff Capel. This is where he would work with the great ballplayer Blake Griffin.


He really earned his reputation as a solid trainer and recruiter while at Harvard. Under the tutelage of Tommy Amaker. While there he got to work with Jeremy Lin and Wesley Saunders both great players in their own rights. As Yanni moved on and acquired more wisdom he has left his mark at every stop.


Yanni Hufnagel said of his work, “I think when you’re passionate about what you do and what you believe in, in a kid, a prospect, then it doesn’t really feel like work.”

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The End Citizens United (ECU) was formed in 2015 as a response to the appalling Citizens United that was against the FEC Supreme Court verdict of 2010. The organization supports the candidates who maintain their strong endorsements on reforms in the campaign finance efforts. Besides, the ECU also places its full support to candidates who have a reputation of rejecting the dirty money and seeking to encourage measures that directs the flow of this kind of money to Washington D.C. What’s more, End Citizens United’s plan of endorsing several political candidates has already begun where it has supported many candidates including some whose interest is to push out Republican incumbents. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

About End Citizens United’s Poll on Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz

The recent polls conducted by the End Citizens United revealed that Beto O’Rourke was slightly behind Ted Cruz who is the Republican incumbent. According to the ECU survey, the organization believes that most Democrats would not be surprised by the unexpected results in Texas judging from the 34 seats on a democrat ticket in the past year. The lead by Cruz according to the ECU indicated that his margin was between 45 to 37%, while at the start of the year his campaign showed that he was leading with 18%.

Further, Google’s survey that was conducted at the same time presented Cruz with 14% lead though the latest polls show O’Rourke closing the gap fast. The University of Texas’ survey that was carried out in June showed a difference of 5-points between O’Rourke and Cruz. Moreover, the possible reasons as to why the competition between the two candidates is stiff could be attributed to Ted Cruz’s questionable leadership. The ECU, for instance, reports in its polls that Ted Cruz is his own predicament, which is why the gap is closing fast despite 61% of the voters not knowing about his competitor.

Furthermore, unlike O’Rourke who is not at a favorable position as not so much is known of him, Cruz is widely recognized though his reputation of having his interests attended before those of his constituents is what led to resentments among the people. Comparatively, O’Rourke’s high percentage from most polls is as a result of Cruz’s ratings dropping, hence boosting O’Rourke’s unexpected ratings. Additionally, the ECU’s polls results on the closing gap between the two politicians are as a conclusion of some of these factors combined with other mechanism well.

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Over the years, Peter Briger has made a name for himself in the business world as a tremendous leader and shrewd businessman. His hard work and determination have left an impact on every organization that has hired him.

Peter Briger at Goldman Sachs

Peter got his big break when he scored a gig with the renowned company, Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is an investment banking company with operations all over the world. He began his journey in the company as a junior employee and with time made his way up to senior positions. He was once a mere employee in the department of operation, then he proceeded to the management of the department and eventually become a principal. He reached his peak when he became a partner in 1996. Goldman Sachs instilled in his business as well as leadership prowess. Peter Briger left the firm in the year 2002 and joined yet another banger by the name of Fortress Investment Group.

At Fortress Investment Group

When he joined the prestigious investment management company, he began serving the role of collaborative chairperson. Peter saw potential in the company and therefore led it to publicize a move that resulted in Fortress becoming a huge success. He was also put in charge of the credit and real estate department of the company. in 2016 he became one of the company’s directors.

When Fortress was acquired by SoftBank at the end of 2017, Peter, among the other principals in the company walked away with more than a billion dollars. This came from the sale of his millions of shares at the price of 8.08 dollars per share. This led him to the rank of 407 in the list of World Billionaires according to Forbes.

Other Endeavors

Peter Bridger holds positions in several other organizations. These include the Tipping Point where he is a member of the board. He also serves on the board of the Caliber Schools. Both these organizations are aimed at serving the community, one being dedicated to the cause of helping families with low income and the other is a youth foundation.

Damac Properties is the unmatched king of the luxury real estate industry in the Middle East. For the last decade, Damac has completed prominent and imposing properties, for commercial, residential and luxury projects in the United Kingdom, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE, Lebanon, and Jordan. According to Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani, they are looking to capitalize on the booming economy of Asia as it brings forth a host of viable business opportunities. Mr. Sajwani says that his company has been long involved in the Chinese industry for a couple of years now, and he is looking to increase his portfolio in the market. The Damac owner cites the growth in value of the Chinese middle class, which creates a massive housing market. This is coupled with the strengthening mutual relationship that UAE and China have established.

Hussain Sajwani, who is a billionaire in his own right, is the tenth richest Arab in the world. He attributes his success to Damac Properties, which has been the cash cow to his wealth. Damac has not only made him wealthy but has also created employment for thousands of people from all walks of life. The Damac owner takes pride in the fact that his company has provided a platform for ambitious and creative professionals from all continents of the world to chase and live their dreams.

Furthermore, creativity and innovation is encouraged and well rewarded at Damac. Digging deep for ingenious ideas is not alien to Sajwani, as he has had to be innovative in the journey of building his company. Some decades ago, when the UAE gave birth to the idea of opening up the Middle East economy to the east and west, along came many business ventures. Top and most rewarding was real estate, and Sajwani went all in, switching from his catering ventures. He established Damac Properties and had his share of the real estate cake.

More about Hussain Sajwani

He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics that he attained at the University of Washington, after earning a government scholarship. The billionaire is a dedicated husband and a proud father to four children.

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One of the most influential Brazilian businessmen is Guilherme Paulus, who runs the largest tourism company in Latin America and runs a group of hotels and resorts. He is founder and Chairman of GJP Hotels and Resorts which is made up of over twenty properties, and has over five thousand employees. In 1972, Paulus co-founded the tour company, CVS Brasil Operadora, and serves as Chairman of this company as well.

In a recent interview, Paulus shared some insight into his accomplishments and the habits and attitudes that bring continued success. Paulus says that he is an extreme optimist, and giving thanks daily is important. He believes that planning and scheduling allow him to be more productive. Guilherme Paulus stays close to the operations of his hotels, and travels a lot to interact with employees and customers. He advises entrepreneurs to love what they do, to put in the hard work, and to listen and respond to the needs of customers.

When thinking about the future, Paulus is excited about the speed which technology allows to view market trends, and to interact with customers. He is always looking for ways to use innovative technology, as his companies continue to grow an online presence. Guilherme Paulus says he has never just focused on one market, and has several exciting ideas for the future including expanding tourism and turning golf into a popular Brazilian sport.

Guilherme Paulus began in the business world when he served as an intern at IBM, and since that time has established a reputation as a sound international businessman. In addition to accomplishments already mentioned, he also helped turn Webjet, a one airplane airline, into one of the top three Brazilian airlines. All this experience with technology and airlines gives Paulus the inside experience to bring the needed partnerships to his tourism and hotel companies.

Social accountability is important to Guilherme Paulus, and he focuses on causes which help disadvantaged youth. For example, working on The PIET project provided educational opportunities for young people hoping to get a job in the tourism industry. Paulus seems to find a way to connect and integrate his efforts to achieve positive results, not only for himself, but others as well.

OSI Group has been highly devoted towards sustainable food production under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. The OSI Group success is grounded on the OSI G tendency of embracing hardships and merits of the highly advancing technology. OSI Food Solutions has been a great food innovator for a long time. Currently, OSI Group is among the largest food producers in the whole world. It was initially a neighborhood butcher shop that was based in Chicago. This is what has grown to OSI Food Solutions. From being a butcher shop, it first grew McDonald first network of the series of restaurants supplier in American Midwest as well as an international food conglomerate. This stands as one of the successful business stories of the last century. Sheldon Lavin has been able to raise and develop OSI Group this much since the Mid-1970s.

During the leadership Sheldon Lavin, he ventured in offering guideline to the OSI Food Solutions on how to embrace the latest technological advancements and mechanisms to increase and raise the effectiveness and efficiency of this company while reducing the environmental footprint of the operations undertaken by the company. Sustainability is one of the major factors that dictate the management by which OSI Food Solutions makes its operational decisions.

OSI Food Solutions tends to implement and adopt the latest strategies towards developing and adapting the global requirements that the company needs for environmentally friendly and sustainable food production. This has led OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin numerous prestigious awards. Some of these awards include the North American Meat Institutes environmental Award, the Global Visionary Awards, the California Green Business Award as well as the British Safety Council Globe of Honour. As per Sheldon Lavin, these awards are a sign of an enduring success that is grounded on an intensive and illustrious business career.

Sheldon Lavin role of leadership as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Food Solutions has played a significant role towards the growth and development of this company. In 1970, Sheldon Lavin was previously in the working as a bank executive and an investment manager. Lavin is famous for his commitment and dedication toward his career and duties. This is what has led to the growth of OSI Food Solutions. It has potential to grow and expand even further.This is due an incredible financial foundation and highly committed and passionate leaders. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin will always be remembered for their successful leadership.

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Our knees are very important of our bodies. They help each person to get around the house, to our jobs and allow us to enjoy many recreational activities like sports. Our knees are not made of steel and can get worn down over time. An example of this would be playing sports. Athletes are constantly running at high speeds, jumping up down and knocking into each other. Their knees are constantly be pushed to their limits and this can cause damage to their them. Knee problems can be a pain in the knee or in serve cases causing major damage to the muscles, bones, and tendons in your knee.


Robert played sports, did karate and many other activities. All these activities lead to chronic pain, arthritis, in knees. He was taking painkillers all the time to deal with his pain. Doctors helped Robert by performing a partial knee resurfacing. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum talked about how if only part of the knee is causing the pain, that part of the knee is the only part that needs to be replaced. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum describes it as only replacing the damaged part of the knee and leaving the rest of the knee in places, such as the ligament, tendons, and bones. He continues to talk about total knee replacement. Total knee replacement is where the whole knee is replaced and when it fails it has to be completed replaced. Dr. Kirschebaum talks about how seventy percents of all people, who suffer from knee problems, suffer from this type of knee problems. He believes that majority of those patients are excellent candidates for a partial knee surfacing. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a certified Medical Doctor and is licensed by The American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. He specializes in bone, joint, hip, knee, and joint problems. Also, he specializes in techniques for knee and should replacement.

If you have heard about or came across the term bull market, you have probably heard or read about Ted Bauman. Mr. Bauman is a trained economist, reputed hedge fund manager, investor and a member of Banyan Hill Publishing. He has over the years been involved in many investment and market development undertakings.

Today, Ted is one of the sought-after experts in the business world. His publications have also caught the eyes of many readers and his social media followers are always glued to his tweets and posts. At all times, he has used these communication platforms to enlighten and educate people on the many ways to change their lives through investment.

Ted has used his expertise, experience, and exposure as an economist to create viable techniques that investors can embrace and develop their businesses. His publications at Banyan have been a great read for most of his followers and readers as they present them with robust and efficient economic knowledge. Through Ted’s advice, many investors have been able to use his views to venture into many investment landscapes.

Banyan Hill Publishing has been the right place to turn to thanks to the contributions of Ted Bauman in his write-ups. Those investors who have relied on the writing firm can attest that they have not been able to find such unique advice anywhere else. Bauman has also played an exceptional role in editing three other widely regarded online magazines; The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Weekly and the Plan B Club.

Besides writing for the Banyan daily newsletter he is also a contributor for The Sovereign Investor. Ted Bauman has been providing readers with insights on stock markets and international investments. These are two areas where many aspiring and even established investors have not been able to amass enough information on.

The Bottom Line

Ted Bauman has been providing readers with practical advice that they can rely on no matter how harsh the market may treat them. Some of the important investment tips that Bauman always gives many investors out there include; focusing on risk diversification and reduction. He also advises investors to go for stocks that come with low instability as well as rethinking and restructuring their investment strategies.