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While advancing in the career path brings with it better titles and money, it relatively brings a heap of responsibilities that call for more dedication to the task and fewer moments of pleasure. Eric Lefcofsky, the co-founder of Tempus and the Chief Executive Officer of Groupon is one such professional who makes a considerable cut on pleasures to create more time for clients and employees. Before becoming the Chief Executive Officer  of Groupon, he would see himself completely turn off his work mode once in the house, making sure he has a relaxed weekend free from any job-related interference. At the moment, however, manning over 11,000 employees in 48 countries, Lefcofsky finds it necessary to work 12 hours on weekdays.

Contrary to the great fun that he used to find in running a chain of ventures, Lescofsky now feels even much better running single organization, which gives him a chance to focus on a single direction, thereby giving his best shot. Even though he admits to having been fascinated by money at a tender age, Lescofsky now attests that it is better to focus on service delivery since that is what ultimately matters. When cash inflow becomes great, spending it becomes the focus and to some extent, one develops the desire to share it out with those who need it.

Lescofsky rises quickly to defend the growth of Groupon. Despite the company having existed barely for four years, he says that the media and the general public are so quick to excite its highs and lows such that anyone would think it’s a company that has existed for over 100 years. He, however, maintains his focus on taking the company a notch higher, citing that all other existing big companies also took the same path in their growth.

On the grounds of misrepresentation, Lescofsky faults the media for the continued unearthing of the issues that happened way back in the 1990’s. He says most of this information regularly brought to the public domain is in most cases quoted out of context and in most instances, has no facts. He as well recalls a few moments in the past when he didn’t have as much money and would rough up some of his allies. At the moment, however, he admits that this is a thing of the past.

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Having been at Princeton University, Peter Briger understood the need for the university to have an Entrepreneurship support fund. This is why he would become one of those who funded it on its first round despite not having much to go on at the time. Princeton always held the belief that entrepreneurship is the way to go and it would not only be good for the university, but for the country as well given its ability to create employment as well as meet human needs that are currently not being met by what is available in the market. Peter Briger believed in this vision, and he has been one of the most vocal supporters of the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs fund. He has dedicated both his time and resources in the hope that this dream would one day come to flourish. Today the fund has been able to achieve quite the amount of success, having supported various startups created by either Princeton students or alumni. The fund requires that all projects aspiring to be funded get submitted to an independent panel of judges who then assess their viability after which they recommended the amount of funding to be granted. This usually goes up to one hundred thousand dollars as well as mentorship from a leading entrepreneur within that field. This belief by Peter Briger comes from working with various entrepreneurs over the years, both in Goldman and the Fortress Investment Group. These are individuals that these corporations have invested in either directly or indirectly and over the years he has been able to monitor their progress and saw the results first hand. At Fortress Peter Briger has been able to lead his credit division over the years doing deals worth more than 100 billion dollars, some of which were made to startups. The ability to make such complex business analysis has earned him a spot on the Forbes list of top 400 most influential business professionals. This continues to date even as he led the Fortress Investment Group as Co-CEO even after its acquisition by Softbank for 3.3 billion dollars earlier this year. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a distinguished member of the banking community in Brazil. His long career has included many executive posts. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Bradesco Previdencia e Seguros SA. He has also served as Executive Vice President of the bank and sits on the board for Bradesco. Trabuco also sits as Chairman of the Board and has been the Director for nearly a decade. He has dedicated his entire adult career, spanning 48 years, to Bradesco. His loyalty and interest in the organization is unparalleled.

His current honors include: Vice-Chairman – Bradespar S.A., Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO – Bradesco Leasing S.A. – Arrendamento Mercantil, President of the Board – Banco Bradesco Europa S.A., and Chairman of the Board – Banco Bradesco S.A.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Background

Born in 1951 in Marilla, Trabuco began his career at Bradesco when he was eighteen years of age. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked his way up the ladder of Bradesco, starting his career as a clerk. He has held many posts within the company. Trabuco’s eduation includes degrees in Philosophy and Social Psychology from Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo.

Work Ethic

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s work ethic was developed at Bradesco. His coworkers and employees all describe him as a kind and thoughtful employer who is loyal and can always be relied upon. He is considered an intelligent man who pays attention to even the smallest details.

Personal Interests

Not only is Luiz Carlos Trabuco known as a hard worker, he is also very concerned with his home country of Brazil. In one decision, he fought to get the famous statue of Jesus Christ that stands tall above Rio De Janeiro atop Corcovado Mountain in Tijuca Forest National Park as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. His campaign was successful and this iconic statue now holds the distinction. It is still one of the most visited sites in the world and richly deserved the recognition.

CVS Pharmacy is going to buy the health insurance giant, Aetna. Amazon has acquired chemist licenses in multiple regions across the US. The two moves led to investors shedding pharmacy stock shares as they believed Amazon would start selling drugs. Amazon will become a formidable player with its expansive footprint and abilities to upend markets.

Legacy pharmacies like CVS are turning to innovative measures to keep up with Amazon threats. CVS improving its health insurance packages is a defensive approach against Amazon. The two firms are implementing plans to win more shares in the healthcare market. Amazon stores everything and selling pharmaceuticals will be an addition to its general consumer platform. In response, CVS is combining routine care, pharmacy, and insurance packages for detailed health services. The pharmacy will gain the competitive advantage over its competitors.

The US healthcare industry has grown into a massive sector worth $3 trillion. An average American spends around $9,237 in healthcare services. Inviting investors into the industry is an ideal move to save lives.

The significant regulatory shocks are creating opportunities for potential players. Healthcare culture can now support innovations. The healthcare industry plans on building a web product that will make it easy for people to develop advance directives and access them anytime. Another clear change is the use of tracking hardware and software to acquire simple health reports of a patient.

Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a capitalist and IT healthcare executive. He is after establishing a business environment with trusted customer partnerships, high caliber teams, and unique culture. He became the president of Nordic Consulting Partner in 2011 until 2016. The organization is the largest major outlet and winner of the KLAS titles due to its excellent services.

Drew Madden attended Iowa College of Engineering for his undergraduate program in industrial engineering. He started his practice as a healthcare IT expert at Cerner Corporation. Mr. Madden served in Ingenix as a consultant and in the business development unit. During his leadership at Nordic Consulting Partner, the firm made annual revenue of$130,000,000 and raised the number of workers to 725.