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The Fagali’l Airport is a great destination in which to land for your vacation to the beautiful city of Apia. As we are aware, when visiting Apia – without family or friends living in the city – we would likely have to stay in a hotel, that’s just simple logic. But, what are some of the nicer hotels that surround the Fagali’l Airport? What are some of the hotels that are worth a lasting impression that we would definitely want to take back with us to our home country?

Hotels Near the Fagali’l Airport

* Lynn’s Getaway Accommodations – starts at $39 per night. A really reasonable hotel starts out with the inclusion of one double or two twin beds, fits two guests comfortably. Includes a free breakfast and free wi-fi.

* Apia Central Hotel – starts at $50 per night. Starts out with the inclusion of one double bed, but an additional bed and space are added according to price. Breakfast is included.

* Hotel Millenia Samoa – starts at $70 per night. Includes one queen bed and an additional twin bed is added for an additional $17, which also includes additional space to fit three guests. Also includes a breakfast.

There are many other hotels that are available around the Fagali’l airport as well, some may be a little more pricier:

* Tanoa Tusitala Hotel – $121 per night

* Taumeasina Island Resort – $195

* Insel Fehmarn Hotel

* Talofa Inn

…and many others. No matter where you and your family stays amongst the mentioned hotels, these hotels have been commonly reviewed as the better of the hotels that surrounds the Fagali’l Airport.

Come on out for your next vacation to the beautiful city of Apia. Beautiful beaches, historic volcanoes, luxurious museums, exhilarating rock sliding, fresh Samoan foods, shopping and more! Apia is one of the highest rated vacation locations in the world! Come find out why.

About the Fagali’l Airport

The Fagali’l Airport is a small airport located just a few minutes from Apia. It includes a friendly Samoan staff rich in Samoan culture; sufficient transportation accommodations of buses, shuttles, taxis, rental cars and limo services; a currency exchange; a mini convenience market and more. Fly in to the Fagali’l airport today and take advantage of some really great deals.


There are several food production firms on the planet, and few will compare to the longstanding market leadership of OSI Group. OSI Group has recently been named one of the largest food collectives within the world. They were listed in the top 100 list created by Forbes. This can be no coincidence. The corporate entity has achieved this type of success by staying with their client base and keeping up with their competition. The standards of production that they hold themselves to would be thought of as very robust. Many firms that try to compete with them find these standards difficult to fulfill. But, OSI Group stands out by working harder than the rest. They price their customers’ safety high on their list of values, and they stop at nothing to keep them healthy and happy. The meat merchandise that they turn out feeds quite the planet and they are increasing production capability on a daily basis.

OSI Group started as a private corporation in 1909. A father opened a shop and butcher shop in hopes of providing for his family. He needed them to realize the ambition. One hundred years later, it’s still dedicated to that father’s mission. OSI Group has a big opportunity to incorporate multiple firms within the food production trade, and they have production plants across the world. Their factories in Spain and Europe are the simplest facilities within the world. The largest industrial plant is found in Chicago. Recently, they created renovations to several of the factories, and the owners of their subsidiaries have declared that they’re happy to be beneath the umbrella of OSI Group! The corporate cluster is sort of a family.

OSI Group is growing in conjunction with the demand for chicken, beef, and pork. These industries are growing in demand per annum because the population of the world changes its diet. There are health considerations that cause folks to vary what they eat and OSI the general public by providing them with the right nutrition they have. The general public safety and health are OSI Group’s main considerations. They supply their merchandise to purchasers in colleges, hospitals, and restaurants. The premium quality that they turn out is mirrored by the steady growth of demand they see per annum. The growth of OSI has been increasing in the past 5 years, and with the new demand for chicken, we can expect the company to continue its rise.

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For quite some time now the world has been moving toward being more friendly to the environment. This friendliness to the environment has impacted every industry in existence. The railway industry was impacted and companies such as National Steel Car change the ways they did business to promote environmental health. It has also impacted the airline industry and companies such as the United Technologies Corporation change the inner workings of their company to produce fewer emissions. However, one of the industries that was impacted the most by this trend is the architecture industry.

The American Institute of Architects takes the idea of global warming and climate change extremely seriously. Their chief executive officer, Robert Ivy, believes that it is the architect that is the front-line warrior when it comes to sustaining the environment. This is because the architect creates buildings that directly impact nature.

Robert Ivy was promoted from his position of vice President to the role of chief executive officer seven years ago. Sense then, he has led the American Institute of Architects to completely restructuring the inner organization so that they can begin promoting public health and environmental sustainability. They also spent time creating ways to spread this knowledge throughout the entire profession so that architects can begin implementing things immediately.

Once the American Institute of Architects was ready, Robert Ivy announced to the world the decade of design initiative. This initiative is made public at the Clinton foundation dinner of 2017. There, Robert Ivy presented to the 1000 influencers and game changers what his organization planned to do. He discussed how the American Institute of Architects wanted to research and developed techniques that architects could use to help buildings be more sustainable over time and have a minimal influence on the environment. He discussed how they wanted to create ways that would allow buildings to stop their impact on the environment and leave a green footprint on this world.

All 1000 people present immediately stood he gave Robert Ivy a standing ovation. They welcomed his plan to promote public health and sustain the climate by helping buildings built environmental resilience. On that occasion, he received several invitations to be the keynote speaker for various corporations. They hope that by combining their strength and skills together that architects may learn how to build not only elegant buildings but ones that interweave with the unique needs of Earth’s nature.


Professor Sujit Choudhry is an internationally renowned Professor of law with Stanford University. Professor Sujit Choudhry has a wide range of research interests from constitutional topics such as constitutional design, the process of constitution building and comparative constitutional law, including Canadian constitutional law ( Professor Sujit Choudhry also writes about the advocacy for a strong central government as seen in federalism, the opposite of which is decentralization, secession, the practice of semi-presidential systems of government, courts that deal with constitutional law, justice as seen in countries that are just coming out of violent conflict and human rights violations, debate on language policies, human, group, minority and individual rights, The Bill of Rights.

Choudhry also researches a range of in a way that takes people through a discourse from violent conflict to engaging and participatory democratic politics within societies that are often divided due to ethnicity. Other research topics include methodological questions and the security sector.

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s current publication will be included as a chapter in the book, Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? He examined a tweet by the former Attorney General, Eric Holder. This tweet was published in December 2017 and involved the topic of the termination of Robert Mueller, the White House special counsel. In the tweet Eric Holder refers to the potential firing of Robert Mueller. Eric Holder made the suggestion that if anything happened there would be peaceful demonstrations by the masses. Sujit Choudhry’s further analysis suggested Eric Holder based the tweet on the concept of the crossing of the symbolic “redline” and leaves it up to the determination of the people, to make the decision on whether the redline and boundary had been exceeded. This, Professor Sujit Choudhry referred to as the idea of constitutional self enforcement. He further expanded on the concept of constitutions being expectations for governing of both the citizens as well as the government officials.

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Professor Sujit Choudhry also discussed several aspects of the global political climate to include Poland’s Law and Justice Party, PIS and the threats to constitutional democracy suffered by Poland.


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The kind of advancement the world’s food industry has continued to attain is enormous and amazing. OSI Group is a company that processes food products across the world. The company is known to supply dough, fruit, vegetable, seafood, poultry, pork and beef-based products. Although OSI Group is widely spread in America, it has also gone to other countries such as the Asia Pacific Zones and Europe. It was a German immigrant who founded OSI Group in 1909 in Chicago suburbs, which at that time was known as Otto’s Meat Market. In 1928, the company’s name changed to Otto & Sons. It was until 1975 when the company now changed to OSI Industries. It operated in North America and started to expand internationally and this gave it the title OSI Group.

Ray Kroc opened a restaurant in 1955 and asked the company to supply ground beef to them. The company produced beef for McDonald’s in West Chicago until 1973. The company opened a new facility in Chicago and it then expanded to other places such as Spain, Australia, Brazil and Taiwan in the 1980s. Mexico, Philippines, and other European countries was a prime venture for the group in the 1990s. OSI Group has its headquarters in the U.S Midwestern region and some other regional offices in Asia and Europe.

In the food industry, OSI Group is known to provide quality custom solutions and food products. OSI Group is known to offer world-class snacks, breakfasts, drinks, entrees, lunches and side dishes. Its leading innovation in this industry has made the company to be reputable and popular. The company has spread to over 17 countries now and its employees are over 20,000. The company employs its employees on basis of competency without being biased on disability status, sex, race or even region. The company knows that its employees play a vital role when it comes to the company’s success.

Some of the major acquisitions of OSI Group include Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe, and Baho Foods. Through Flagship Europe, the company will not strain to gain new entries in Europe. It is aimed at ensuring the services of the existing markets have been improved. The company acquired a food processing and storage warehouse that cost it 1.4 million dollars. Through Tyson Plant, the company was able to secure over 250 job opportunities that were on the verge of being cut. The company collaborates with the suppliers in ensuring it achieves the target sales.

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It is common to hear that a junior employee has been fired but an executive fired for misconduct is a rare case. In his recent blog, Bruno Fagali explains why Ford CEO Raj Nair was fired. Raj has been working with the multinational since 1987. He began his career as an engineer then Technical Director then Global Director of Product Development and then finally promoted as CEO. An internal investigation was carried out by the compliance department at Ford following an anonymous complaint. The company did not give much information about the anonymous letter.

It is unclear as to what kind of misconduct (s) was carried out by the former CEO of Ford. However, Fagali observes that in the 90s the same company entered into a $22 million agreement with the EEOC over management prosecution over misconduct such as sexual harassment. In 2017 the company also parted with $10,125 million over the same issues. The newly appointed CEO Tim Hackett issued a statement assuring the community that the company will not tolerate any misconduct in the future. Fagali explains that the above case illustrates that all the employees in an organization must comply with the set standards whether junior or executive. A company that experiences cases of misconduct in regards to prejudice (sexual, racial, gender) and harassment should undertake training to help its employees understand the consequences of such actions. The training should be designed to prevent and monitor noncompliance within the company. In Brazil, a proof is required that the company carried a thorough internal investigation of the matter. In the United States, however, a proof is not a necessity.

Bruno Fagali is an expert lawyer in administrative law, compliance, ethics, urban law and regulatory law. He writes a blog post on his website about his interpretation of different cases in the world. He started his career back in 2006 and had worked with different law firms in Brazil. Currency he is the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/BS which is among the top advertising agency in Brazil. At NOVA/SB he helped come up with a new policy that recognizes both employees and members. He also has a practice named Fagali Law Firm that provides legal counsel and represent clients in courts. Fagali is known as a corporate lawyer helping drive transparency and integrity in Brazil by campaigning against acts such as corruption. Corruption is a significant concern among the public in Brazil, and its government is investing efforts in giving back faith to its citizens.

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Professor Sujit Choudhry is a prominent educator, expert in law and now the director of Centre for Constitutional Transitions. Appointed as the serving dean of the California University in Berkeley, Mr. Choudhry is the first Indian to earn a prestigious title as a dean in the U.S. top law institution.

Background Story

All too often, Choudhry has worked as a clerk for the Canadian Supreme Court and an advisor to many countries. Most fundamentally, he has carved out a name for himself in the industry of law. Having attended the Harvard University of Law School and later graduated with honors, it is clear that Choudhry has strong academic credentials that played a pivotal role in tossing him to the competitive world of comparative law and constitutional work ( Therefore, by studying law and analyzing sensitive situations that call for immediate action, Sujit Choudhry has been helpful in fostering peace in communities that experience unrest.

His Experiences

As an advisor to many countries, Sujit Choudhry has crafted the art of offering relevant constitutional advice to various people. That is why in his recent article on a tweet by Eric Holder, Sujit Choudhry provides indispensable remarks regarding the former attorney general. The backstory of these remarks portrays Eric Holder tweeting that impeaching Robert Mueller would be a red line. He goes on to state that should anything happen to Robert Mueller, peaceful riots would be allowed as Americans will have been deprived off their justice.

Explaining Holder’s Tweet

According to Mr. Choudhry’s internalization of the tweet, the red line is built on Holder’s thoughts of self- constitution. And because constitutions are strategically placed to govern the expectations of citizens and officials at large, there is some shred of fact in his reasoning. However, the violations of the constitutional rights do not guarantee such labels by the court. Therefore, it is worrying, according to Sujit Choudhry, that Eric Holder, even with his expertise in law enforcement, fails to identify a legal challenge to Robert Mueller’s authority. He goes on to explain that Mueller’s case rests in the hands of Americans as they are obliged to seek justice for officials.


Mr. Sujit Choudhry is a talented lawyer in practice. He believes that constitutions can be used to deliver justice to communities. That is why he applies his expertise to decipher challenging situations regarding the field of law.

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