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JHSF is a reputable company that was founded in 1972 and is involved in the real estate business. It is one of the top countries in Brazil and its headquarters are in Sao Paulo. The company has made investments in different sectors both residential and commercial. There are four business units that are focused on. These include high end hotels, such as Fasano Hotel and Restaurants, which cater to the residents who reside near the area. There is a shopping mall also that many people flock to when they are in need of different items from the stores. There is also an international business airport. Another unit involved is the incorporation. JHSF is recognized for its ability to identify new opportunities way before other people in the same field. This has enabled it to be a pioneer when it comes to most of its projects and reap the profits that come from this. As the company grew it opened up locations in different capitals such as Manaus and Salvador. It also expanded internationally to the cities of New York and Miami. JHSF has focused most of its businesses in areas where there is recurring income. That is why there is a focus on hotels and shopping malls.

JHSF under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chairman of the board of directors at JHSF. He joined this company when he stepped into the shoes of his father Fabio Auriemo. This was at the age of 27. He often had interesting and complex ideas for the company, some of which his peers could not understand. A good example is when he saw an 80,000 square foot piece of land that he thought he could transform into a complex of buildings. Many people did not think his vision could come through however, this did not lead him to despair. Jose Auriemo followed through with this idea. This piece of land today holds a complex of buildings that house different stores that many people frequent. His work as the CEO at JHSF involves overseeing the office buildings that the company may have an interest in as well as hotels. Jose Auriemo also administers the shopping and retail portfolio for the institution.


Over the last two decades, Media landscape in Mexico has transformed rapidly. Newspapers in the country have gone from relying on paper from a state owned company or government ad revenue although some critics still voice their complaints that TV giants such as TV Azteca and Televisa don’t engage in critical investigative journalism but are rather more focused on supporting the official government view.

Televisa Media Company is regarded as one of the biggest media companies in the world as well as the Spanish speaking countries. Through several broadcast channels, Televisa distributes the content it produces in Mexico and more than 50 countries through cable operators, television networks, and 26 pay-tv brands. Most of Televisa programs are aired in the US as well as across the world which has made it recognized as an international business. In 1955 three of the largest Television groups in Mexico were merges to form Group Televisa. The three stations included XEW-TV, XHGC-TV, and XHTV-TV. Groupo Televisa was known as Telesistema Mexicano during that time. In 1963, the media company started airing its programs in color. Nevertheless, in the late 1950’s, color signals from the media group were witnessed along the US and Mexico border.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the present Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of Televisa. At Comercio Más SA de CV, he also served as the CEO and the Chief Financial Officer. Additionally, Salvi has also worked at NBC (National Banking and Securities Commission) where he served as the Vice Chairman of BBS (Board of Banking Supervision). He was appointed the Vice President of Financial Planning at Televisa in 2004 before getting the position as the Executive Director at the company.

The work that Salvi has done in the finance department has also afforded the educational media that is created by the company. The finance department headed by Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has played a significant part in ensuring that the company builds the best content. The company has enough fiancés to move forward, and he has made efforts to show other companies how they can achieve the same. He has gone to serve the company for more than a decade.

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company based in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company’s focus is on finding advanced therapies and treatments for a broad range of human genetic diseases. These diseases, known as orphan diseases, typically affect fewer than 200,000 people nationwide (Google Finance). Currently, the company’s main concentration is on treatments for Lysosomal Storage Disorders such as Fabry disease and Pompe disease.


Amicus Therapeutics has directed their development on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART) and enzyme replacement therapies (ERT). This kind of medical therapy replaces an enzyme that is either absent or deficient in the body. The patient is typically administered an IV, which contains a solution of the missing enzyme. ERT has been effective at helping patients with lysosomal storage disorders.


In order for the company to invest in a program, it has to meet three specific criteria. It needs to be considered a rare disease, the technology must have the potential for being at the top of its class, and the clinical data must provide patients with significant benefits ( Amicus Therapeutics is dedicated to finding treatments for these rare and devastating diseases. Currently, the company’s most advanced product candidate is migalastat. Migalastat is a pharmacological chaperone treatment for Fabry disease. Other product candidates include SD-101, a treatment therapy for Epidermolysis Bullosa, and ATB200/AT2221, an ERT for Pompe disease.


John F. Crowley has been the CEO of Amicus Therapeutics since 2005. Mr. Crowley’s dedication to the field stems from the diagnosis of two of his children with a severe neuromuscular disorder known as Pompe disease. Under Crowley’s leadership, the employees constructed a belief statement that summarizes the company’s core values and principles. It states: “We believe in the fight. We believe in our future. We believe in each other.” It is evident that Amicus Therapeutics is truly driven by the desire to find medical treatments for patients and families suffering from these rare and debilitating diseases.


Disability because of arthritis could be avoided if individuals could learn how to recognize signs of inflammation before they happen. The new technology is studying acute pain and ways to treat pain so that individuals will not have to undergo surgery as a relief. The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersy along with Doctor Matthew Cirullo are researching causes and cures by using up to date technology (Edgewater). This up to date technology helps them understand how the body reacts to specific factors. Joint disease and Joint pain are two of the leading reasons people become disabled in the U.S. It is the leading cause of disability in women and people of older ages.

Chronic pain can ruin the lives of the patient and family if not handled correctly. Most individuals are searching for the quick fix to the pain. Over the counter medications offer little to no relief. The recent technology will help individuals learn to move correctly in the morning. It helps them to adjust and develop a comfortable exercise routine. It helps the person avoid surgery and heavy narcotics. The Osteo Relief Institute can teach patients how to treat using strength and muscle building. They can help find a diet that works and exercises that improve overall feelings.


People that need to lose weight can find themselves with painful knees and ankles. This can be an end result of carrying too much weight on the body. It can also mean that the person is reluctant to do the exercise he or she needs to avoid the arthritis symptoms ( Osteo Relief Institute helps patients understand how important it is to avoid overuse or repetitive movements. The doctors works with the patients to train them in doing the exercise correctly and efficiently without stress.


Recommendations of the Osteo Relief Institute:


1) Avoid smoking and overeating.

2) Exercise daily. Routines with forced movement can reduce pain gradually. It may hurt when you begin but continue forcing yourself to move until it feels better.

3) Age plays a large role in the condition but exercise and proper diet can help each person have a positive outcome.


Contact the Osteo Relief Institute for individual screenings and information on treatments options.


Eli Gershkovitch, the CEO of Steamworks Group, detailed the best craft beer destination in Canada considering the craze for craft beer by people in the recent years. He says that Victoria in British Columbia is one of the top spots for best breweries. Its first brewpub named Spinnakers opened in the city in 1984. Additionally, six breweries and five brewpubs opened in Greater Victoria in the later years. Eli Gershkovitch confirms that he sees Vancouver as another great craft beer destination as it opened one brew pub and 13 breweries since 2012 with in the city. Additionally, the suburbs of the city has more than a dozen.



Sunshine Coast in B.C. is another top area for breweries in Canada with Gladstone Brewing, Persephone Brewing, Townsite Brewing, Forbidden Brewing, and more. Halifax of Nova Scotia is another important craft beer center with a total of nine brewpubs and breweries with in the city, and there are ten more within few hours of drive from the city ( Eli Gershkovitch also recommends Unfiltered Brewing and Granite Brewery to make a try next time. He also sees Fredericton of New Brunswick as a cool place and ideal beer destination with a number of breweries including one cider, one mead, and four beer. Eli Gershkovitch this time recommends Grimross Brewing and Trailway Brewing as his choice in the city.



Eli Gershkovitch has more than two decades of experience in the brewery industry, especially in the craft beer. He says that he saw two cycles of the craze for the craft beer, and he was the part of the first wave and continue to be part of the wave that started recently. It should be noted that under the leadership of Gershkovitch, the Steamworks Brew Pub opened in 1995 (IMBd). He personally built the pub with an initial capacity of 184 seats, and currently, it is expanded to 754.



Eli Gershkovitch’s strategies played a crucial role in converting the pub and the adjoining areas as a hipster cool place. Gershkovitch says that he was following an organic revolution and added elements to Steamworks piece by piece. In 2013, he shifted his strategy and expanded with a full-scale brewery. Interestingly, the capacity of the new brewery, 40,000-hectolitre, located near Boundary Road significantly outnumbers the pub’s capacity of 2,000-hectolitre.



Glen Wakeman has become the Chief executive officer and co-founder of LaunchPad. The organization comes with a completely intelligent software program service that assists starter business owners to set up their business plans right into a controllable atmosphere. Its consumer friendly platform is nationwide an is accelerating the development curve for business practices. This business enables inexperienced business owners to improve their rate of success by giving small businesses a planning solution.

Glen Wakeman is a very well recognized small business professional, investor, author, business owner and qualified mentor. He loves experiencing new strategies evolved into reality and is skilled at generating productive results. He’s resided in half a dozen countries around the world and carried out business in 32 international locations ( Glen Wakeman is the president and founding father of Nova Four, a company that’s aiding in the development of companies to help them acquire usage of extra funds and techniques on how they may develop their business. He’s training these businesses on achievable methods on how they could tap into a larger marketplace, and then he is also providing his services on the internet via a site that their company is hosting. Numerous startups who have requested their help are now flourishing and taking pleasure in their good results, and they’re thankful for Glen Wakeman for assisting them out.

Glen Wakeman continues to be fascinated by technological innovation and how the internet works. This has encouraged him to be a blog writer in which he focuses on challenges that people are interested in reading. A few of the problems that he’s eager to blog about consist of leadership, promising trading markets and international affairs. Company transformation is yet another region that Glen Wakeman likes to write about.

Glen Wakeman is amongst the most profitable financial executives in America. His 21 years of know-how in taking care of businesses and establishing companies speaks for itself. Glen completed his degree in 1993 at the University of Chicago and graduated from Scranton in 1981. He’s got an extensive background in various components of small business and he has the aim to encourage soaring business owners in addition to the knowledgeable ones by means of his blogs about the concept of finance.


Various organization leaders, advisors as well as other prestigious stakeholders in financial institutions recently held an annual strategic conference aimed at addressing the various emerging issues in the field. The chief executive officer of NexBank Capital and president of the firm John Holt took part as the panelist in the held conference and contributed his thoughts concerning the various issues raised in the seminar. The conference`s primary theme was on the perspectives of competing with innovation and the different strategic plans that companies derive.

The main leaders invited to take part in the conference also addressed the various challenges that they go through while undertaking their activities and also explored the different opportunities available for businesses to venture. Besides, the meeting enabled the leaders to derive efficient measures to deal with the issue of competition, with the invention being the key aspect of employing.

Nexbank is one of the major financial services company which offers financial, mortgage solutions to its clients among other services. The bank recently raised over twenty million dollar equity capital and has grown its profits to a higher amount since its establishment. The company also receives a lot of support from its shareholders, and through the excellent services from its team of employees, the firm hopes even to perform better than it is currently playing.

Diversification of scale is one of the primary targets of the organization, and it employs various strategies to accomplish its goals efficiently. In addition to that, NexBank has over the past years acquired a significant number of customers, evident from its increasing amounts of deposits from their clients. NexBank has strong liquidity levels, and as a result, it is considered to be one of the most successful ventures in Dallas. The firm looks forward to developing to a bigger investment than its current one.


Top media companies in Mexico are opening active operations in the US. The technological advancements in this industry are making this possible. The current trend is the launch of digital platforms and company websites by media enterprises. Implementation of digital strategies proves to be exciting and more productive in the process of producing and distributing news and information to a broad audience base. This forum is fast and reaches more viewers through internet advertising. Many media companies have incorporated this into their system resulting in an increase in this year’s media revenue to $ 91 billion.

Top media companies like Televisa and Azteca are taking the initiative in understanding the global market to execute this transformation in the press sector. The introduction of smartphones facilitates the video industry to grow day by day. These companies have entered mergers with each other to double both their financial and investment strengths. They can introduce high-quality content incorporated using digital techniques.

Alfonso de Angoitia is the executive manager at Grupo Televisa firm. He has in-depth Intel on the operations of the company working as a financial officer at the company for four years. During this period he supervised the global financial operations of the enterprise. Alfonso de Angoitia also facilitated the contact between Univision and Televisa worth $ 1.2 billion. As an asset to the company, he is among the committee members of the company’s board of directors. Alfonso completed his degree in Law studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Before him joining Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia worked at White& Case LLC in New York. Alfonso de Angoitia is a member of the following board memberships Innova Sky, Operbes Peste, Empress Cablevision, Americas Society and Univision Communications. He is among the fantastic four group of Grupo Televisa composed of both friends and business people. Alfonso de Angoitia also takes part in philanthropic work as being both a member and foreman of the Kardias Foundation.


Alexandre Gama has spent a lifetime in Brazilian advertising. He has received an incredible array of awards during his career and is known internationally for his work. Over the years he honed his copywriting skills and rose to prominent positions by dint of hard work and talent.

Alexandre Gama has received an amazing honor when his work over the years was featured in a Sao Paulo Museum Exhibit. Advertising is a huge part of popular culture in Brazil and some of his most famous campaigns spanning 20 years were on display there.

His work for some of the world’s most famous brands was displayed and celebrated by many museum goers. Patrons were able to see Apple’s first ad in Brazil as well as ads for GE, Ford, and Levi’s. The Levi’s ad was a unique spot featuring faces made of denim.

A noteworthy campaign for Gama was Johnnie Walker’s 2011 “Rock Giant”. The image has lodged in the public conscious and it was a touchstone event that carried over in Brazil’s political life. It was a rallying cry for large, street protests and provided inspiration to Brazil’s citizens.

The career of Alexandre Gama is approaching legendary status. His work is inspiring to many and he shows what determination and talent can achieve.

Madison Street Capital pioneers in the provision of financial advisory services to clients all over the world. Additionally, this company helps businesses make informed investment decisions, maneuver complex transactions, as well as secure access to credit.


Madison Street Capital has a broad range of clients across the globe. This company earned recognition in the marketplace through assisting various businesses. Below are features that have made this company stand out among its competitors. Learn more:


  1. Helping clients obtain credit


Madison Street Capital helped the famous Vital Care Industries to earn credit in 2014. This assistance was through helping the Vital Care Industries to choose a favorable lender. This company benefited from this loan and had since continued to manufacture hygienic medical consumables.


  1. Staff Recognition


Madison’s Street Capital co-founder, Anthony Marsala, was acknowledged and awarded the 40 Under Forty Award by the National Association of Certified Analysts. This organization is involved in activities aimed at honoring and identifying businesses leaders that excel in financial matters. Mr. Anthony Marsala also serves as the CEO of Madison Street Capital.


  1. Winning of prestigious accolades


Madison Street capital reputation has continued to grow rapidly due to the firm’s dedication to solving challenges faced by its clients. The company acquired nomination and was named the finalist for various prizes. Among them is the M&A Advisor Awards of the year 2016.


Awards won


This company has become the recipient of various business awards, including the 2017 Turnaround Award. Madison Street Capital is also the winner of the $25 million restructuring fund. This company has managed to stand out among its competitors, and various business leaders have praised it for its efforts. Learn more:


Madison’s investment portfolio


Madison Street Capital was involved in the ARES Security Corporation’s investment business deal that included subordinated debt and minority recapitalization. ARES Security Corporation is a tech firm based in Virginia that pioneers in the provision of security in nuclear plants. This company was also involved in the sale-leaseback transaction that resulted in the generation of $13 million.


Philanthropic involvement


Madison Street Capital has made a name for itself through its participation in various volunteer and charity activities. It’s one of the companies that donated funds to families residing in the Midwestern and Eastern parts of the U.S. Learn more:


What solutions does Madison provide?


  • Business valuation such as tax compliance


  • Corporate advisory


  • Assessment for financial reporting


  • Financial opinions


  • Asset management


  • Wealth management and tax planning


This company serves a broad range of clientele in the fields of construction, security technology, pharmaceuticals, and distribution. Madison Street Capital has also won various awards and continues excel in the finance industry. Learn more: