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The chairman of PodcastOne, Normal Pattiz announced late last year that the Jericho Network would be launching a new program. The program, which has been dubbed, beyond the darkness will be hosted on one of the stations the stations that are part of Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The show will be discussing the normal and the paranormal. The main aim will be enlightening people that do not know about the world of ghost, ghouls, demons, angels, miracles, mysteries and monster encounters among other things. The talk will be hosted by Dave Schrader, a radio talk show host with the help of Tim Dennis who is a radio presenter. There will be a new episode every Monday on YouTube, the Podcast network and on iTunes.

The new show host stated that he knew that the Podcast Network would go beyond discussions on WWE wrestling even before they launched it. He stated that he valued WWE’s Chris Jericho as one of the gems that they had. Chris has in the past delivered comedians and now he is embarking on a new project, dealing with the paranormal.

Chris Jericho said that he was both stoked and a little creeped out to announce the paranormal podcast. He stated that the presenters they had chosen for the podcast had a host of fans who trusted in them for all information about the otherworld. He was positive that the network was going to gain a huge following on the network, and that they would be a little freaked out in the process. The new podcast therefore seems to be a-dream-come-true for the network. They hoped that the fact that Chris himself has a huge following from the world of WWE would also help with getting good ratings for the show and increasing the fanbase.

About PodcastOne

This is one of the leading advertisers in the national podcast network. The networks founder, Norman Pattiz, also founded Westwood One, the radio giant. The network is the host to some of the modern day’s most popular podcasts. They host people such as Heather and Terry Dubrow, Steve Austin, Ross Mathews, Dr. Drew, Malcom McDowel and many others. The network has been undergoing a series of expansions in a bid to get better and host more shows, which will translate to better ratings for them. They hope that bringing the paranormal on board will help bring in a group of viewers that they haven’t been with before.

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Direct sales of wines is fast becoming a viable business for basically anyone who wants to empower themselves financially. It all started with The Traveling Vineyard and others have joined with time. But, none comes close to the Traveling Vineyard. From the ease of making money to the fun lives of those who become wine guides. Here is all you need to know about joining the team in Traveling Vineyard.

Business Model

Becoming a wine guide with the Traveling Vineyard is free of red tape. Basically, if you are interested, you just visit their official website and fill a contact form then submit. With the information submitted, the leaders will contact you and walk you through everything. At that point you can ask all you need to know about the business. If it interests you, you buy the success kit. If you want, you can attend some of the events held by the leader in your region. This will help you know how to go about everything.

Once you start, you will earn up to 35% of the sales that you have made. Also, if you meet sales requirements, you can earn back your $75 used to purchase wines.

For more information, connect with The Traveling Vineyard on LinkedIn.


There are a number of training methods used by Traveling Vineyard. Being a rookie in the business, you will be assigned to your regional leader to educate you on everything you need to know. You can also learn more about wines, wine tasting, and how to pair wines with food etc., you can get this info from the summology included in your success kit. Additionally, Traveling Vineyard wine guides can access training materials, preparing them for business success, online.


Compare the costs of various direct wine sales companies and you will find that the cost of working with Traveling Vineyard is relatively low. On becoming a member, you purchase a one-time success kit at $189. This success kit has 10 bottles of wine, glasses, wine and glass carriers, wine accessories and equipment. After this, every time you have an event and want your wines refilled, you will pay $75, but don’t worry, this can be earned back. Then there is the $15.95 every month that goes towards maintenance of your website.


As a Traveling Vineyard wine guide, you basically set your events depending on how much free time you have and when you have it. Therefore, this business can be taken upon even by those who have full-time jobs.