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Talk about a cool and stylish hospital, and Copa Star is the first in mind. Copa Star is among the modern medical amenities in Brazil. Its construction footprint covers approximately 10,000 meters on five floors. The hospital has a bed capacity of 150 including 45 Intensive Care Units, 105 rooms and nine operating units in addition to diagnostic centers. In the whole construction process of Copa Star Hospital, Penetron Admix was utilized in the hydrostatic slab. It was then poured on the walls for retention to facilitate low permeability and enhance structural durability. For the construction of joints, the architects used waterstop SW-55.

Copa Star is located in an elite and differentiated environment with a five-star restaurant on In the urban area, the hospital hosts a unique physical address featuring exquisite architecture. The surrounding is inhibited by skilled professionals who offer excellent personal care, agility, and safety for healthy and longer lives. To most patients who have been at Copa Star Hospital, the facility offered high-quality personal care overriding their expectations. Copa Star is the excellent facility for patients who demand the highest quality services in medical attention. At Copa Star, technology and medicine have a synergy in a bid to treat patients while ensuring safety and protection in the facility.

Specialty and Infrastructure
Copa Star focuses on providing multidisciplinary personal care through innovative techniques. The techniques include cardiac surgery and neurosurgery. Having been built with the modern medical equipment, Copa Star features unique, stylish rooms for operations. They include hybrid rooms, neurosurgery operating rooms, telemedicine, high-quality imaging equipment and robotic medicine. For medical practitioners and nurses, Copa Star is a calm and healthy environment for work.

Physically located in Latin America, the hospital merges technology with unique integrated processes to achieve excellent medical care and provide treatment for diseases. Copa Star has invested in modern and innovative strategies on made for patients, doctors and families in that order. The series follows the state’s medical standards. It has many units of experienced multidisciplinary employees with enough training for excellent patient care and treatment.

Patient’s Menu
Not only does Copa Star provide good health care but also, healthy menus supplementing the drugs. The facility has a five-star restaurant featuring quality culinary services on Scoopnest. Also accessible to the citizens of the nation, the restaurant is headed by a top Chef called Steve Moreillon. The menu originates from a recent compilation. It features a concoction of healthy cuisine. The fascinating characteristics of the menu at Copa Star Facility is the fact that it is generated from the doctor’s opinion on patient’s disease and prescription drugs. Be it diabetes, cancer or blood pressure, the menu generates from the physician’s instructions.

With the majority of women washing their hair with shampoo on a daily basis, it’s safe to say that women want hair that’s clean, healthy and free of impurities. However, the shampoo that you put in your hair may be causing serious damage thanks to one ingredient.

It’s called sodium lauryl sulfate and almost every commercial shampoo uses it as its leading ingredient. This ingredient is responsible for the foamy lather that you experience while you wash your hair.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a harsh detergent that is used in commercial floor cleaners and dish soap. What this ingredient does is bond together grease and dirt that can be easily rinsed out with water.

The problem with sodium lauryl sulfate is that it strips hair of its natural protective oils that keep it healthy and soft. In other words, this ingredient results in significant dryness and damage.

If you have been using commercial shampoo all your life and find that your hair is dry and damaged, it’s time to throw out the bottle and start using a cleansing conditioner instead. Cleansing conditioners get hair efficiently clean using only natural ingredients. These products do not use sodium lauryl sulfate.

One of the best cleansing conditioners on the market is made by WEN by Chaz. The 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler. Using only natural ingredients, this product won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, hair will be clean and deeply moisturized, resulting in soft, silky and manageable hair. Those who use WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean, ( notice a significant change in their hair’s texture and appearance in just one week.

If you want to undo years of damage caused by sodium lauryl sulfate, switch to a cleansing conditioner. Your hair will begin to transform into the luxurious, silky tresses of your dreams. More information available on Everyone’s encouraged to visit the Wen Facebook product gallery.


The title for a property is recorded in a local office that will retain the records until the title is changed. They are not tracking the title, and it must be cleared before the property is bought or sold. This article explains how the company helps clear titles for owners, and it shows how the work ensures real estate deals happen properly.


#1: Why Must A Title Be Cleared?


The title clearing process must be completed to ensure a sale may be closed by the lawyers on the deal. The lawyers are required to ensure the contract is signed properly, and they must have a clear title to alter on the property. Titles must have the proper names listed, and any claims to the property must be settled. Nationwide Title Clearing will look into the title, and they will help in clearing it when needed.


#2: How Is The Title Cleared?


Nationwide will ensure the title has been researched properly, and they will help the owner find information about the title that may lead to another claim on the property. The title may have old names listed as it was not changed properly, and the company will change the names to reflect proper ownership of the property. Legal documentation may be required to complete the clearing process, and they will use each document at their disposal to create a new title.


#3: Ordering Online


Every title may be ordered online through the Nationwide website, and they ensure the titles are researched the moment orders come in. Someone from the office will look into the title, and they will contact the local records office for information on the title. The title is quite easy to find, and it may be sent to them when it is cleared. They will complete all the work on the title before it is sent back to the customer, and the report includes information on the title before it was cleared by the Nationwide office.


Nationwide Title Clearing is a full-service company that will help every customer when they place an order for a cleared title. It is quite simple to ensure a title has been printed and cleared properly. They will request a recording of the title, and they will ask the records office how the title was recorded. It is quite simple to complete a real estate transaction, and they may order online at any time.

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NTC Study Examines Client Cost Savings

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland, founder of Magnises and Spling, has already achieved an enormous amount of success and he is just 25 years old. Magnises is a growing company that functions as a social club for wealthy millennials and has gained a huge number of members in a relatively short period of time since launching. This has made Billy into something of a prodigy in the business industry.

Billy was born in New York, which is also where went through his basic and higher education. After graduating from Pingry, he went on to study at Bucknell University to build his academic foundation for success. However, during his time at the university, he found he did not want to continue pursuing his computer engineering major and dropped out to focus on his entrepreneurial ideas, which at the time was Spling.

This company was focused on online advertising and helped other companies improve the quality of their websites and advertising to better sell their merchandise.

Magnises, which targets the millennials of this generation, or individuals that fall between the years 1982 and 2004, was started by Billy back in 2013, and has already gained a large number of followers.

Today the club members include many big names in the industries of fashion, finances, and even technology. In order to be a member at Magnises, it requires an annual fee of $250, which is money well spent since it gives access to the clubs exclusive black card and special privileges.

Magnises has managed to build many partnerships in the course of 4 years, such as La Esquina, Goldbar, and Finale. These companies work together with Magnises to provide extra rewards to Magnises black card members.

Today, Magnises has thousands of members and is still growing, so it is safe to say that this club is exactly what the millennials of today are looking for. Billy’s quick success has given him plans for expansion into new cities as well.

Not just another pretty face, Kate Hudson has taken Amazon with the activewear business She has grown the business to $250 million in a short period of three years. The rapid success of the company is not as simple as it seems. Fabletics has managed to grow in the face competitors giants like Amazon. Amazon has a significant share in the fashion industry since it controls 20 percent of the fashion market. Fabletics has succeeded because it focuses on selling well-designed clothing. The company sells stylish pants, tops, and bras for yoga and sports. Fabletics supplies clothing items for everyone.


Fabletics focuses on a business approach with a subscription model. Kate Hudson has created her brand through aspiration and inspiration to her customers. Shoppers that prefer shopping online have had lots of convenience through the online shopping community. The business model has seen customers receive discounts for products they purchase. Fabletics business model has been adopted by other companies too. Warby Parker is one business that works on a subscription to create ease with dealing with customers. The result is that there has been high efficiency with the way the company deals with their clients.


Apart from focusing on an online shopping experience, Fabletics has moved forth to open offline shopping stores. The company opened up brick and mortar stores in different locations. The company recently announced that it is opening additional stores. Fabletics currently has 16 stores spread across various parts of the United States. The firm is set to increase the number of stores to more than hundred in the next five years. Offline stores have been favorable for business operations. According to Ms. Hudson, the availability of offline stores has made shopping easier for many customers. Clients who prefer online shopping purchase have a better advantage with the number of products.


Succeeding in the online fashion marketplace is not as easy as it sounds. Amazon controls twenty percent of the online fashion market. However, Kate Hudson has been up for the challenge. She has grown her firm through a proper strategy. Fabletics embraces the latest technology to deliver quality products to customers. It was previously believed that you could gauge a brand’s success by looking at its quality and price. This business model no longer works. Customers today look for brands that focus on brand reputation, customer service, and product design. Fabletics has concentrated on these aspects of business and succeeded.


Fabletics can be compared to leading companies like Amazon, Apple or Bonobos. Most of these firms were full online players before moving offline to boost their sales. Fabletics started as an online-only company. After the first two years of growth, the company opened up stores in different locations. Succeeding in the e-commerce environment is somewhat difficult. However, offline stores are stable as it has local customers that are online. Fabletics has done the impossible to succeed in the online fashion marketplace. The company makes use of several innovations to bring the best products to clients. Kate Hudson works with Goldenberg and Ressler to spread awareness of the brand. You can also visit the site for some ideas.

Planning for an advanced and modern transport system for a city is a tedious task that demands future insight, technological expertise and above all intuitiveness. If you are considering a rapidly growing US state like Austin, then things can get even more challenging. Faced with such a challenge, Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority had a fruitful meeting with some policy makers and transport experts on December 15, 2016. In the meeting, they discussed the present traffic condition of Austin and its suburban areas, evaluated different technological solutions and proposed different plans to develop a sustainable and effective transport system for Austin.



Traffic and transport have been two burning issues for Austin which is one of the busiest states in the country and with a rapidly rising population things are getting even worse. With this backdrop, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) was formed in 2002 which has been working y to develop the transport system in two prominent counties of Austin which are Williamson and Travis. The authority has been developing and implementing a number of intuitive and multi-modal transport solutions through the private sector contractors over the years and made a number of significant achievements in keeping the transport system running with less congestion, enhanced quality of life without compromising economic vivacity.








The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is governed by a seven-member committee of Board Directors under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein appointed as the Executive Director. Mr. Heiligenstein has intensive expertise on local communities along with one Bachelor and two Master degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Before joining the CTRMA, he served as the County Commissioner of Williamson County and as the City Councilman of Round Rock. In addition to his position at Executive Director in CTRMA, Mike is also involved with Texas A&M Transport and other groups who are working with transport issues.



The participants in the meeting discussed some ideas to meet the future transport need of these countries through technology. They considered technological solutions such as driverless vehicles which seemed a feasible solution but might not appropriate at this moment. Other alternative solutions such as rideshare through Uber was considered quite effective for the time being. However, according to the participants, a behavioral change among the people is a pre-requisite for this solution to succeed. Nevertheless, Mike strongly advocated that Austin needs more and smarter roads along with more options for the commuters to deal with its future transport need and challenges.




Comparative Law is the study of how many different international countries laws differ from those of your own country. Many lawyers know what the laws are in there own home base country, but it is very important to understand or have a lawyer that understands the differences as well as the similarities between nations if you are planning on working or traveling to a different country. Knowing the legal system beyond those of your own becomes more and more important in today’s world as goods, capital, as well as technology crosses many boarders.

Authority on Competitive Law – Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized as an authority on comparative constitutional law. Professor Choudhry was a Dean between the years of 2014 and 2016, as he developed a very strategic agenda that was built around the pillars of Innovation, Access, Service, as well as Globalization. After he developed this agenda he continued to launch a very specific set of initiatives in order to implement his agenda which included the Access for All fundraiser for need based financial aid, as well as the Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship for first generation college students to reaffirm Berkeley Law’s commitment to social mobility, and exceptional recruitment efforts that amplified the proportion of Latino and African American students in the 1L class by 50%; the Environmental Law Clinic as well as [email protected] to provide multi-disciplinary, the Berkeley IP Lab, practical education chances for Berkeley Law students that influence the unique prospects afforded by UC Berkeley and our proximity to Silicon Valley; the improvement of Public Interest Fellowships as well as the Bridge Fellowships that enabled Berkeley Law graduates to follow careers in public service and public interest lawyering, as well as the suggestion to create the President’s Public Service Law Fellowships.

Professor Choudhry is the actual Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which assembles as well as produces awareness in order to support constitution building. Existing projects that are ongoing are “Security Sector Reform and Constitutional Transitions in Emerging Democracies”, “Dealing with Territorial Cleavages in Constitutional Transitions”, as well as “Security Sector Oversight: Protecting Democratic Consolidation from Authoritarian Backsliding and Partisan Abuse”. Professor Choudhry is also a respected participant of the United Nations Mediation Roster, as well as being a advisor to the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank Institute.

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When the Board of Directors of the Capital Group Companies announced that they were naming Tim Armour as chairman in July of 2015, few were surprised, however, it was a bittersweet moment for Armour as he replaced former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg, who had passed away. After 32 years with Capital Group Timothy Armour is well qualified for the position, where he, along with other senior managers, will oversee operations and set the investment management firm’s business strategies.

According to Armour and Capital’s own research, investors do best putting their money in actively managed funds with low fees and with a manager who has his or her own money in the fund as well. Before Rothenberg’s death, Armour, who was on the management committee, championed the in-house research that proved that certain types of active fund management, especially funds that did not continuously churn their portfolios, benefited investors in the long-term.

Armour, who began his career with the Capital Group in 1983 in The Associates Program after graduating from Vermont’s Middlebury College with a degree in economics. After The Associates Program, Armour became an equity investment analyst specializing in global telecommunications. While he works out of Los Angeles, Armour’s Capital Group is one of the largest investment management firms in the world, managing more than $1.4 trillion in assets.

Recently announcing a strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management, the Capital Group will assist the Seoul-based asset management company with their active investment capabilities. The two forms will co-develop retirement solutions as well, according to Armour, who is looking forward to meeting the needs of Korean investors with Capital Group products distributed through Samsung distribution channels.

Expecting to do well under the leadership of Timothy Armour Capital Group will likely continue with its successful long-term performance track record, especially with its subsidiary of the American Funds mutual funds suite of products. After all, Armour stresses that investors don’t have to accept average returns, although he admits that there are numerous mutual funds to select from, which may be overwhelming for the average investor. He recommends that investors seek out funds with long-term above-average returns, which is quite naturally his goal for the Capital Group.

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