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Billionaire George Soros Ukraine has taken a keen interest in Ukraine. In a recent piece in the NY Review of Books, he identifies and makes recommendations for five big issues facing that nation. George Soros’ depth of understanding about the political and financial challenges facing Ukraine is impressive.

He addresses the issues of corruption, democracy, Russian aggression, and financial policy. George Soros also takes special care to single out actors in the new government of Ukraine. Many of these people, such as finance minister Natalie Jaresko, have given up high-paying jobs in sectors such as investment banking in order to serve their country.

Because of the sincerity involved in the reforms being undertaken, George Soros believes the West should provide more assistance to Ukraine. He sees this as a nation that embodies real democratic values, and as an important potential ally in the region.

One particular view George Soros promotes is that Ukraine should be granted generous debt relief. In looking at the current European landscape, it’s been divided into creditors and debtors. Countries such as Greece are beholden to countries like Germany, and the reforms that the larger country wants implemented. Soros carefully evaluates the roles of figures such as Merkel and Putin in the debt relief process.

Soros writes in unabashed support of Ukraine’s efforts to get a better deal for its debt. George Soros points out the way corruption is being tackled by a new crop of idealistic young political actors. He compares the reforms pursued in Ukraine to the ones demanded by then-US Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady in the late 1980s. Though Brady is still a player in this world, it seems he would prefer to see Ukraine default. Soros has a big problem with this type of reversal.

With his Open Society Institute, Soros helps support NGOs in the developing world. This organization has had a presence in Ukraine since at least the mid-2000s. Soros understands many of the challenges facing Ukrainian society, in the areas of finance, public health, and infrastructure generally. In recent months, he has called for tougher sanctions against Russia, in retaliation for Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.

Soros possesses a thorough understanding of the conditions that created the crises facing Ukraine. He also has great ideas about how these issues might be solved. With his level of expertise, and commitment to the cause of Ukraine, it seems reasonable to think that he will be heeded. Hopefully, some progress will be made on these issues soon.

Find additional information on George Soros & Ukraine via Open Society

Doe Deere is the rather flamboyant looking CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Many might wonder how a young girl from Russia grew up to own one of the most successful cosmetic companies online. Her journey was a bit different than you might think at first. Most entrepreneurs started out with a business idea and tried to keep it moving. However, the Russian born entrepreneur landed in New York in her teens with a dream to pursue a musical career. Later on, she attended a fashion school and decided to strike out on her own to start a fashionable clothing line.

Deere’s Early Years

It is interesting to note that it was her fashion line that led to creating a makeup line that fit her special requirements for bold and beautiful colors. Deere has a very unique way of regarding makeup. She truly believes that makeup should express your current mood. In fact, makeup is as individual as the person that is wearing it at the time. Makeup is also a form of creativity. Bold, pigmented, and vibrant colors represent her makeup line. The fact is that the Lime Crime name is based on her favorite color. Deere believes that originality and uniqueness led to her success. She likes to advise others to maintain their own unique dreams and to pursue those dreams. Deere is also an avid supporter of other women entrepreneurs too. She’s made special appearances at the PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. Stay in contact with LimeCrime on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

About Doe Deere Today

Doe Deere states that e-commerce really excites her. Deere is one of the first CEO’s to develop a makeup line exclusively for online. Her company is also one of the first to make purchasing online cosmetics more interactive. Her instincts for the online market were correct. A hungry market did exist for a makeup line that produced bold, and intensely pigmented colors. Her makeup line caught on instantly, and today Lime Crime is one of the most fascinating and talked about makeup lines in the country. They are popular on UrbanOutfitters, and they have a legion of Tumblr followers. Today, Deere is still striving to bring more innovative makeup ideas to her followers.

Brian Bonar is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairperson of Dalrada Financial Company located in San Diego California. The company (Dalrada Financial) is based on giving their customers business outsourcing processes, insurance management as well as financial services and products. Bonar is not only an Investment professional but also a busy finance fanatic who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

Dalrada Financial Company with various companies in the United States specializing in various subjects such as supplemental insurance strategies, debit cards, payroll amendments, and tax approach techniques. Moreover, with the help of Bonar, the company helps out their clients with great issues such as dental insurance, vision insurance among other insurance factors.

From 1963 to 1969, Brian Bonar went to James Watt Technical College and studied mechanical engineering. Later on, he went to Stafford University and focused on the same field and graduated with a master degree. Bonar has a rich education background being a Ph.D. holder and takes part of the main esteem organizations like the American Finance Association. Noteworthy to mention, Bonar is a well-known professional who was acknowledged as the Cambridge Finance Executive of the Year.

Brian Bonar not only works for Dalrada Financial Company but also works as the CEO and chairman in Trucept Company. The company headquarter is based in Escondido on the North County region of San Diego. The company deals with topics such as employee benefits issues, human resource themes and payroll modifications. The gentleman has been with Trucept since 2011 to date and has extensively helped the company to its success.

Brian Bonar also was employment by IBM as the procurement manager. Later on, he went ahead being the Director of Engineering for QMS. In this institution, Bonar managed more than100 employees taking care of all necessary activities in the company.

Bonar went ahead to lead the Adaptec company as the sales manager and came across extensive experience to establish his business named as Bezier Systems. Afterward, he worked for more companies before he was revered to be a helpful and hardworking man with Dalrada Financial services.

In conclusion, Brian Bonar is a diligent man with a well-built range of skills although has specialized in various subjects such as business planning, management consultation, marketing techniques, contract negotiations, turn-around management, start up organizations, outsourcing management, reconstructing management and process improvement.

Finally, Brian Bonar exposure the financial industry management doesn’t hinder him from other activities; in fact, he loves the company of his family and hobbies such as boating and golfing.