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Organo was found in 2008. It’s a worldwide network marketing organization that’s on a mission to transform people’s lives by helping them reach new levels in freedom, balance, and well being through premium products and entrepreneurship.

Their personal care, beverages, and nutraceutical products are extensively available through Organo and its independent distributors in more than 50 countries. Also, their distributors are able to offer samples, automated shipping options, discounted sales, and individual product sales through their Preferred Customers Program.

As mentioned before, people in various locations worldwide are able to pursue innovative business opportunities. In becoming one of their independent distributors, entrepreneurs are able to earn generous compensation options by earning an extra income or in building a world class business. The sky is the limit when becoming one of their independent distributors.

Another great thing about Organo is that they reach back to the community. They are a proud sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation. This is a non-profit organization supporting the youth by offering them opportunities in becoming engaged and productive members of their communities. This is in hopes that they initiate positive changes for generations to come.

About Bernardo Chua

According to The Street, Bernardo Chua is the CEO and Founder of Organo Gold. He has been an astounding business leader in the wellness and health industry for more than a decade. Before establishing Organo Gold, he was the president of Gano Excel USA in 2008.

He worked in operations for Gano Excel International from 1999 to 2008, and he also was the co-founder and general manager for Gano Excel Philippines from 1999 to 2003.

After the establishment of Organo, Chua has accomplished even more accolades. For one, his brand is now sold in over 35 countries within six continents. In 2013, his company has been ranked as the 55th largest network marketing company worldwide by the Direct Selling News Top 100.

And in 2014, his operation expanded with the opening of Organo Gold Singapore. This made the sixth country in Asia where Organo Gold opened in under five years.

Keith Mann, the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, is showing his support for the New York Police Department (NYPD) concerning the protests and violence being associated with the police force. Keith Mann together with his wife Keely Mann sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct to motivate them rather than feed into the negativity associated with the police force. Keith Mann has a personal relation with the NYPD since his uncle is a detective working on Staten Island.


Keith explains that the recent attacks on police officers during the supposedly peaceful protests fall close to home for him. As a way of showing his support to the officers, Keith sent them lunch. However, sometimes a single action goes unnoticed. That is why Keith sent the precinct lunch again on February 9. Keith said that the officers should be appreciated for their services instead of attacking them on their attempts to safeguard people. Keith further explained his concerns by saying that police officers have families, so they are just ordinary citizens behind their uniforms. Mann stated that he does not want his or any other family to get hurt as a result of irresponsible actions against the NYPD.


Mann is concerned about the rising violence so he feels that citizens ought to assist the police instead of standing in their way. Keith and other citizens are making efforts to work hand in hand with the police concerning the recent conflicts. Over 150 people attended the support rally for the NYPD that was held in January. Other demonstrations have taken place across the United States even if there is an increase in violent actions towards people who defend the police department. Supporters urge the silent majority whom they believe still support the cops to make their voice heard. According to Mann, these simple actions can make a difference.


About Keith Mann

Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, a firm that works with companies in the alternative investment industry in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Mann has worked in the executive industry for more than 15 years. He is a professional in staffing, hedge fund compensation, and hiring policies. Before establishing Dynamics, Keith was the managing director at Dynamics Executive search.

It is truly remarkable when a doctor like Avi Weisfogel can aid is the research and answers to conditions like sleep apnea. In 1972 Avi Weisfogel was born. He probably knew at an early age that he wanted to help others. He studied hard and completed his high school education to go on to Rutgers University where he received his BA in Biology and Psychology. After completing those he went on to Medical school in New York. Avi received his Doctorate in Dental Science and went on to open his own office.


Avi began his career in his office called the Old Bridge Dental in New Jersey. He has a very successful dental practice. He enjoys his career but he also loves his off time. Besides work, Avi Weisfogel follows several professional sports clubs such as the Rangers, the Cleveland Browns, the Lakers and the Celtics. In January of 2016, he started a go fund me page for Operation Smile. This is a non-profit organization that performs dental procedures free of charge on people that can not afford to pay. He also volunteers some of his time to ride on the Dental clinic bus to help do teeth inspections, cleanings, and surgeries. This bus goes all around the areas of New Jersey to help people that are unable to pay to have dental work done. Operation smile is the organization that honors the bus for these people.


One thing that Avi is most proud of is his support and education on Sleep Apnea. He helps in identifying potential clients that may have signs of sleep disorders or sleep apnea. After he realizes the potentials, Avi begins to educate the clients on the dangers of leaving this condition untreated. Avi holds many lectures and seminars at his other place of business, Dental Sleep Masters. He helps other dental professionals learn about the condition and the treatments. He is now educating others on the non-invasive treatments for sleep apnea that do not involve a large face mask. The new treatments that are coming out are mentioned in his recent article on Avi hopes more people will take sleep apnea serious and begin to seek the new treatments that are available.

For the last twenty years, David Osio has been working very hard at his efforts in charity both locally and internationally. He has been known to make partnerships with many non-profit organizations whenever he moves to a new place and creates a new company branch. He has enjoyed a lot of success in business over the past few years and is thinking about matching this success in business with the global outreach of his philanthropic activities.

He has been supporting quite a number of important organizations. He is one of the main supporters of the children’s orthopedic foundation. For the longest time, David has stood with these children because of the belief that one day he will be in a position to make a change for the children. He believes that every penny that is contributed towards this charity makes life better for the children.

The other charity he has been a member of is the Miami Symphony Orchestra. This started when he was a board member at the organization. He expressed his gratitude for the rare chance of being in a position to support this group of talented individual’s year in and year out. The people who have been making donations to this
charity are the reason it has operated for this length of time.

David Osio’s background

The leader of Davos Financial Advisory group is none other than David. He heads the company in all its local and international market efforts. When he started out, the company was a small startup with limited revenue levels. However, the business has really grown and is doing very well financially. It now has branch offices in Panama, New York City, Lisbon and Geneva. The company is always on the lookout for new locations where they can spread their wings and make their existence known.

There are several other charities that David supports. The charities are the Wayuu Taya foundation, Fundana and many others. The work that David has been doing has led to him getting local and international recognition and awards.

Born and brought up in Caracas, Venezuela, David can be said to be a self-made millionaire. He started his career with a degree from the Andres Bello University in Caracas, where after finishing he took up a position as an advisor at the Fero consolidated bank. The Banco Latino branch that is located in Miami had an opening that he took up. He decided to expand his education by joining the New York Finance Institute and learning about investment management. He has built a successful career from almost nothing, proving that ideas are the best capital one can own.

Follow Osio on Twitter @davidosio


Danilo Diaz Granados, the joint founder of Toys for Boys recently treated elite guests in Miami with a special event. The event held in Miami featured an array of activities. That includes helicopter rides, fine cuisine, as well as exclusive previews. The guests had a sunset boat ride, bottles of Don Perignon, and spent time at the race track. Regularly, Danilo has held such events since creating Toys for Boys.


While developing the concept of the event, Danilo wanted to offer the guests an outstanding experience. Today, Men in Miami have a place where they can check out and seek the unique products and places. The guests that attended the event were hand selected. They had the privilege of previewing a residential building in the Biscayne area. The property is under construction in an upscale area of Miami. It is one of the highly anticipated residential structures.


Danilo noted that each event is meant to provide the attendees the chance to connect with Miami’s best in terms of art, cuisine, and entertainment. Danilo and his guests late flew to Palm Beach Race Track. Each member had a feel of driving on the race track. Following their return via helicopter, Dom Perignon champagne awaited them. Dom Perignon hosted their lunch at the River Yacht Club. A Dusk boat ride brought the one in a life time experience event to a close.


His event was successful with great support from Van Dutch as well as Technomar. Additionally, One Thousand Museum and Gryphon Racing also sponsored the event. Danilo and his business partners collaborated with premier companies as well as organizations to orchestrate the amazing event.


About Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados is a renowned entrepreneur and investment advisor. He works out of Miami, Florida. Danilo started his career in the investment industry after graduating from Babson College. He has an entrepreneurship and economics degree.


Additionally, Danilo is an FCP associate. He works with the organization’s equity investments program. Danilo headed research on how global issues impact on equity investments like energy efficiency, hedge funds, as well as innovative startups. As an entrepreneur, Danilo manages his businesses Toys for Boys and Edge of Glory Films.  Find Danilo on Tumblr, and read more about what makes Mr. Diaz Granados so unique on ICrowdNewswire.


Jim Hunt, the current CEO and financial advisor of the VTA Publications, is well known for offering free investment advice through his You Tube account. Hunt is experienced in the stock market, hence is an expert in making intelligent as well as safe trades within bull or bear markets. In an interview, Hunt says that he started VTA Publications to help small scale investors control their financial destiny. The investor attributes his success to his strict goals, which he usually splits into manageable portions. Additionally, Hunt says that he designs his products around what his clients need. In this regard, he carries out expansive research to find specific solutions for their individual needs.


Jim Hunt believes that he is more active in the mornings than he is at any other time in a day. As such, he focuses on delivering new stock trading systems for his subscribers and coming up with marketing ideas for his business in the morning. By sticking to a light lunch, the investor says that he is able to remain active throughout the afternoon. When asked what his worst job was, Hunt says that he did not like working for a bank because he was not comfortable with the way customers were being treated by the banks.


Incorporated in December, 2012, VTA Publications is an active company, currently based in Norfolk. Established by Jim Hunt, the company offers a platform for publishing non-fictional learning courses. Additionally, the company website also serves as an event organizer. Since its formation, the company has been offering cutting edge information in both physical and digital formats for its subscribers across the globe.


Through this platform, Hunt offers insights and information on such fields as finance and economics for his readers and subscribers. According to the information on the company website, the company plans to source the top experts in various fields of expertise from various parts of the world and present their tradecraft and expertise to their clients in a format that is easy to use. Additionally, VTA also serves as a booking agent for events related to such subjects.  For more insight into this unique investment mind, check out his Ideamensch interview, which covers everything from Jim’s plan, to VTA’s future.



A need for reputation repair or reputation management could occur at any time. That is why it is important you get in touch with a well established online reputation management firm. You need to talk to the experts in the field of reputation management to find out how they can protect your reputation online.


Online reputation management is a proven strategy and process of keeping track of conversations and content about your organization. It involves monitoring and influencing your online reputation and credibility online. It is imperative to have a system in place, which identifies and addresses any reputation issues that occur. An reliable online reputation management system or strategy can certainly provide you with insight on building a good brand online.


If you are an entrepreneur or company manager, you are probably aware that having an impressive reputation is essential for business growth, and success. The same goes for your online or digital reputation, as majority of people today use online resources when they need information about products, services or companies. If your reputation is not impressive, these people will turn to your competitor. Therefore, a negative online reputation will have a negative impact on your brand or business objectives.


Fix Search Results is a highly reputable online reputation management firm. The company has a great team that provides top quality services to clients. They want all their efforts to benefit their client’s brand and their business and that’s why they always start by making an assessment of what the client needs and what outcome to be expected.


If you are dealing with a reputation issue, the professionals at Fix Search Results have the skills and industry resources to render outstanding service and address the matters appropriately. They have expertise in search engine optimization and digital publishing, and can effectively resolve suppress negative content while pushing up positive content in search results.


When you contact them, they will conduct in-depth consultation and research, to determine effective strategy for your online reputation needs. Visit Fix Search Results at their website to learn more. See if it’s possible to eliminate negative search results on their official website here:

It’s no secret that New York City is one of, if not the, single toughest real estate market on the planet. With sky high prices, so many different locations, and very picky customers looking for the perfect location, it truly takes someone talented with both new ideas and veteran experience to make it in this climate. The recent economic downturn caused by the burst of the housing bubble further complicates an already challenging environment. This is what makes the rise of TOWN Residential so much more impressive.


A relatively young company, TOWN Residential has grown from a fledgling business to a leader in the New York City real estate market in just a few short years. In fact, an article was published discussing in detail how TOWN Residential already has opened its 10th office in the city. This new office is in Manhattan near the Hudson River. This gives TOWN Residential access to a completely new environment in New York City, allowing the company to further expand its already wide variety of various locales from which it can offer customers to choose from.


This office is located on West 14th street. It is 7100 square feet and complete with 16 foot high ceilings and a third floor roof terrace. The TOWN Residential leadership knows that the perfect work environment is required to foster the best ideas. These ideas will lead to more happy and satisfied customers and further growth of the company. In addition, the new office gives the TOWN Residential team a beautiful location to bring prospective customers. This point is very important because those looking for the best in the luxury real estate market will be able to see that TOWN Residential has already found the best real estate for their office location. This gives customers increased confidence in the company.


While only five years old, TOWN Residential has quickly grown to become the premier real estate team in the city. They ensure that the needs of the customer are placed before the needs of the company, taking the time to ensure that every prospective real estate purchase aligns perfectly with all of the client’s desires. This kind of meticulous attention to detail is what sets TOWN Residential apart from every other provider in the New York City. With an impressive track record of happy and satisfied customers, TOWN Residential is a shining example to every other company in the area.


One of the clients who has used Labaton Sucharow for many of the things in their life has now been rewarded the second-largest reward in SEC whistleblower history. This means that the client has gotten the second to first biggest reward and that he is working to make sure that things are taken care of properly at the SEC. This is something that Labaton Sucharow has helped him with and something that they will continue to help their clients with in the future. The law firm is not done with SEC whistle blowers and they plan to help as many people who want help in the future.

There are many ways in which the SEC whistleblower program helps people. First, it helps to stop unfair practices in the SEC. This is one of the biggest problems and contributes to the majority of internal loss within the business. It is a big problem and something that needs to be stopped no matter what it takes to stop it. It prevents the SEC from functioning in the way that it should and it causes major problems and upsets the balance of the way that things are done for the trading agency.

With that, there are also many other problems. Some people benefit from the way that the SEC works and they use unfair practices to give themselves higher paydays. They promise these to people who are underneath them in exchange for keeping quiet about the problems that go on in the SEC. This is something that many people have conflict with because they want to continue to see the big paydays that come from unfair practices. They may also be subject to termination or retaliation from the bosses who use the unfair practices to their advantage because it suits them.

The whistle blower program helps to stop this in two different ways. First, it ensures that the person who tells authorities about the issues will not be retaliated against. It protects them from becoming a pariah or from having their career damaged as a result of blowing their whistle. Second, because so many people lose money when they blow the whistle, it rewards them for doing so. Often, the reward is worth much more than the money that they would have made from the unfair practices and this is something that encourages people to blow the whistle on the practices.

Some bits of business advice never go out of style. For example, the oft-heard admonition of business consultants to diversify one’s portfolio, thereby reducing overall risk and balancing one’s investment yields, is still considered canny advice. That one of the best ways to diversify is to buy real estate, or as Will Rogers once quipped, “buy land they’re not making any more of it,” still has proponents, and with good cause. In today’s age of retrofitting, it’s true that land may not grow anew, but it does get a second, and often, even a third life, with today’s gentrified area becoming tomorrow’s urban renewal project. Every incarnation puts money in someone’s pockets.

And for those investors anxious to make the most out of both of these tried and true chestnuts of business wisdom there is on the market now a new business mobile app, developed by Davos Real Estate Group, a partnering group of Davos Financial Group, founded by David Osio, a business leader with a firm understanding of both the US and International business economies. David made his way through the highest echelons of the Latin American business world, taking on executive roles in both OPED Enterprise and LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES, before veering towards the sector of business law, joining the law firm MGO in Venezuela, eventually filling a slot as in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino ( BLI) in Florida, where he was promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial. Read more:

Oslo now he heads “The Davos Financial Group” of companies, the first of its kind in Venezuela, and a long-time provider of asset management services for elite clients. With expansion, the group now has branch sites in areas like, Miami and New York City, and now, at last, even the hometown of ordinary business Joes, who can download the group’s newest business tool, the Davos CAP Calculator for free. Created to easily and accurately project property revenues, through an analysis of a property’s perceived operation costs, for example mortgages and rental agreements, inflation, likely maintenance costs, as well as the cost of buying and selling the property, the app, which can be used on iPhone, iPad, and for Google Play for Android devices, is available for download, from the iTunes store.

Learn more about David Osio: