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The modern world is always changing. This has been particularly true of selling in the last decade. Once only an idea in someone’s head, today the internet is the place to buy and sell many items. Such is particularly true for many beauty products. Today’s customers know they need not make a run to the store in order to get what they want. The know they can begin searching online at any given moment and find just the right lipstick or eyeliner for the occasion they are planning. One person who has seized the moment and rushed to help provide such products is entrepreneur and cosmetics lover Doe Deere.

At Their Service

As she tells Galore Magazine, Deere began to hit the world of cosmetics when she was still very young. She has always loved the chance to put on makeup and assume and entirely new role in life. It was this particular passion that brought her to the world of the internet quite early as well. She quickly realized that there were other people who also shared her passion and wished to be able to buy items that were all about color. For this reason, she began to think about how she could best fulfill this particular niche. The idea for Lime Crime began to form in her head. Acting quickly, she started up her own company. Her idea was that she could use the net to reach out to customers not only in her own backyard but all over the world. This is one of many reasons why Lime Crime took off. In many ways her timing was just right. The internet was starting to grow and take off. She knew she could reach out to fans without the need to open up a brick and mortar business.

Enormous Business Growth

Since that moment online over a decade ago, Deere has been astonished in a way at her own success. From a small idea inside her own head, the business has become one that allows her to be who she is and to bring others inside of her world. She knows that she must continue to provide superior customer service in order to help see her business continue to grow in today’s world. This is why she is always on the lookout for new products that she thinks her consumer base will enjoy having in their own lives.


If you want to make money in the markets then you must jump in with both feet while the profits are good. This, of course, is easier said than done. Understanding when a bear or bull market is on the horizon is often predicated on a deep knowledge of trends and movements within a variety of sectors of the economy. Jim Hunt understands this, as illustrated in his recent portrayal of early profits receive in the most recent bear market.

While it is never easy to take the guesswork out of market performance, advisors such as Jim Hunt can help make that reality more possible than ever before. The professionals at VTA Publications provide a variety of online and traditional training materials designed to accomplish just that. As a reputable and established provider of non-fiction distance based learning courses, they are able to generate and organize events that specifically cater to a variety of industries.

The mission as employed by Jim Hunt and VTA Publications is to make effective use of modern technology, both in digital and traditional formats, to make economic and financial curriculum more accessible to the masses. By engaging in a development program that enables participants to learn concepts and trends once thought reserved for the professionals, enhanced profits and productivity can finally be achieved.

As Jim Hunt has demonstrated, knowing when a bear market is going to occur can help facilitate investment decisions. This leads to a better knowledge of diversification based upon each individuals risk tolerance level. By attending a seminar or conference offered by VTA Publications, participants can better position themselves to increase their net worth over time.

ClassDojo has generated a record $21 million in its second round of project funding aimed at connecting educators to parents of students and assisting them to communicate consistently about learner’s activities, and their social life development at school.

Benefits of the ClassDojo program

Parents can track the behavior of students at the school. The parents can communicate the entire year and even during the school day. Therefore, the parents or guardians are saved from being surprised with incidents discussed once per term especially during the parent-teacher meeting.

Statements from Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary

The series B funding was closed towards the end of 2015. The funds raised will be used to expand their team and find out both the features and content that is useful to parents using the app. The parents will use the app during school days or on weekends. According to Chaudhary, the app will assist parents to initiate and control conversations at home and enhance or support the learning and growth their children are experiencing at school.

How it works

Teachers utilize ClassDojo to develop a schedule of activities that parent are accustomed to on a daily basis. They can use the app during the day to capture and send pictures or videos to parents displaying learner’s latest projects or engagement in activities.

A Summary on ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication avenue that assists teachers, students, and parents to share the school day events through photos, messages, and video. It helps teachers to come up with innovative ideas that are likely to boost the quality of education. Teachers can offer personalized learning and create a favorable studying environment for students. The primary mission of ClassDojo is to provide teachers, students, and parent an opportunity to improve the standards of education. The platform enables the community to participate in activities that are likely to better the lives of students through education.

The ClassDojo software creates behavior reports that are eventually shared with both the students and parents. The software monitors behaviors such as hard work, teamwork, persistence, curiosity, and creativity. The platform was officially launched back in August 2011. It gained instant popularity within a span of few years. For instance, the platform has over 3.5 million users comprised of students, teachers, and parents. More than two-thirds of schools present in the United States as well as other schools in 180 countries across the globe use the platform.


Learn more about Class Dojo:

In late September, 2015, Coriant announced that Shaygan Kheradpir was to take over the leadership of the telecommunications giant from Pat DiPietro. Kheradpir would become the new CEO and chair Coriant’s Board while DiPietro would become his second in command. Fiercetelecom press reported that Shaygan joined the company after forging close working relationships with Marlin Equity Partners, the parent company of Coriant.

Coriant supplies a number of innovative solutions to top network operators situated in over 100 countries and six continents. Shaygan’s entrance into the company shows that it is gearing up to launch a host of innovative products and expand its operations in the global market.

Kheradpir’s Mandate at Coriant

The vast experience that Kheradpir brings into Coriant will be instrumental in helping the company achieve its expansionist goals. Pat DiPietro successfully accomplished his mandate of integrating Coriant with two of Merlin Equity Partners’ acquisitions in the U.S. namely, Tellabs Labs and Sycamore Networks. Under DiPietro, Coriant successfully spearheaded key portfolio initiatives as well as their integration.

Kheradpir reiterated that he was attracted to the company’s comprehensive portfolio of packet optical solutions and data networking. He also revealed that he was impressed by Coriant’s innovative environment and global reach. Shaygan believes that the company can help customers with networking solutions that are cost disruptive. This allows them to set their sights on solutions that allow automation, programmability and agility.

Shaygan’s experience will be invaluable to Coriant given that there is an increase in demand for innovative end-user applications that are data intensive. Additionally, the market demand for hyper-scale data centers and cloud-infrastructure technology is also high.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Professional Background

Shaygan Kheradpir has a lot of experience in coming up with top technological solutions to some of the market’s most pressing issues. This innovative culture and wealth of experience began almost 28 years ago when he joined GTE Laboratories as an engineer working in network routing. He rose to the position of CEO. He later worked for Verizon Wireless and was quite instrumental in diversifying its market offerings by introducing new automation and telecommunication services.

In January, 2011, Kheradpir joined Barclays Bank and served as the Chef Executive Officer in charge of Global Retail Business. At Barclays, Shaygan was instrumental in the development process of the Pingit, a mobile payments software. In 2014, he became Juniper Networks’ CEO. Later that year, he was appointed as an operating partner in Merlin Equity Partners.


A newly-announced project in the city of Baltimore is helping first-time home buyers purchase new homes.

The newly-formed partnership with Community Economic Development Corporation CEO Kevin Seawright is receiving tremendous praise from the city of Baltimore. Seawright has partnered with RPS Solutions LLC to make this project possible.

Thousands of people in the city can now realize their dream of purchasing a home. The program helps individuals find lenders and assists them through the entire process. “I’m really happy with this program,” said one resident. “It has allowed me to do something I’ve never been able to do and that’s buy my own home.”

The goal is to up home ownership and beautify neighborhoods in the process. “We can reach the goal we have set,” said Seawright. “RPS also believed in the program and were very eager to help. That goes a long way.”

Since the partnership came together in 2015, several dozens of residents have achieved their goal of purchasing a home. Seawright says he is very happy at how quickly the project has progressed. He says interested parties may fill out an application at the CADC offices.

Seawright has always wanted to help people. Even when he was a young boy growing up in Pittsburgh, he organized community meetings and volunteered to help the poor. After college, he worked primarily in finance. He worked at many governmental offices in the city of Baltimore as director of finance. Seawright’s expertise and eye for numbers helped him streamline budgets and save many organizations money.

When he took on the job at CADC, he looked at it as another way of helping people. The city of Newark was in deep trouble. The former CADC had closed due to mismanagement. As CEO, the new CADC is operating at its full potential and for its intended purpose. Many people credit Seawright for putting the city back on the right track.