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Ross Abelow, who is a New York-based attorney, was pleased to announce the launch of a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising $5000 to cater for animal shelters and homeless animals. The campaign was launched on 13th of January with an aim of providing support to homeless animals in the City. With temperatures hitting a record low on the winter, there was a dire need to make shelter to house homeless animals that were at risk from the freezing weather.

The purpose of the GoFundMe campaign was to provide money to the shelters so that they can cater for vaccines, medical care, blankets and food for the increased number of the animals in distress. Most shelters are not able to add extra incentives to their numbers owing to lack of funds and space. The extra fund that was aimed by the campaign was to help in relieving the sufferings of the vulnerable animals.

Animal lovers were called upon to help in solving the large and mounting need during winter. Most helpless animals are left out in the freezing temperatures due to limitation in space and other monetary resources. Mr. Ross Abelow who had been elected to lead the campaign, gave all his abilities to ensure that animal deaths were reduced and that more animals were sheltered.

Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is a renowned New York attorney who specializes in commercial, family, matrimonial and litigation law. Through his several years practicing law, Abelow has helped entertainers in the City and has also worked with divorcing couples in settling issues. Ross has represented some of the elite entertainers in New York’s history, and his services extend from legal to contract disputes over intellectual property. Abelow is of the opinion that each entertainer must have a lawyer, and he will review the contract of anyone when necessary to do so.

Ross Abelow has proven to be the best attorney to go for in case of a divorce. This is because divorce proceedings need a lawyer with a light touch, and Ross has exactly that when negotiating with each party. Divorcing parties need an attorney who will be the voice of reason. Ross is that person, and both parties will be properly represented to a point where each of them will feel he or she got a fair deal.

Ross is a respected professional throughout the City. His versatility has been met with praise by everyone who has worked with him. He is very welcoming and he strives to ensure that his clients do not feel at loss whenever they have legal issues that seem overwhelming and dire.

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It is true that individuals who do not have time or experience, wealth management can be so daunting for them. Therefore as a matter of advice, it is wise to seek services of an experienced investment advisor for purposes of wealth preservation. For example, many home owners are currently using online rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO to rent rooms and even the entire house to travelers as well as short-term tenants. However these home owners do forget that when they invite these travelers and short-term tenants to share their house, at that point they are taking enormous amounts of potential liabilities. They include damage to property, theft, injuries to guests, illegal activities, lawsuits and loss of income in cases where tenants refuse to pay. It is for this reason that Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm recommends that these homeowners should consider some insurance policies which covers the short-term tenants as well as taking policies that are designed to protect against the liability associated with paid guests. Homeowners are also advised to consult qualified insurance professionals who can review their specific situation and offer customized advice.

With an industry securities registration experience of 22 years, Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment advisor, executive and sole owner of Wealth Solutions INC. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Finance and Financial Management Services from University of Houston. Being a registered Investment Advisor, his skills include financial planning, financial analysis, wealth management, investments, financial goals and risk management. Wealth Solutions Inc. is a registered investment advisory firm mainly composed of certified retirement income professionals who provide personalized planning solutions to business owners. In his own words, he states that he developed his own firm with the goal of providing objective advice and customized investment, retirement and wealth preservation strategies. He does this through taking the challenge to help others to accomplish their financial goals. As financial markets are always changing, financial strategies must also change and adapt as well. It is for this reason that Wealth Solutions Inc. committed itself to accommodate enough clients and at the same time ensure that it meets and exceeds the customers’ investment needs and requirements by offering solutions to such needs through clients’ participation. Lastly the company is also committed to ensure that clients develop a sensible financial retirement plan aligned to the set goals upon their retirement.

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Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur who is best known as the founder and the chief executive of Forefront Capital since May of 2009. He is the CEO of both Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. These two companies are an advisory board that provides experienced guidance in the world of commodities and the forex markets. He was the founding partner, coordinator and the CEO of Pali Capital, which is a global financial service firm and one of his greatest success was achieved here.

He was a star trader at Refco, and CrunchBase shows his first business was called Reifler Trading was acquired by Refco in the year 2000. He was a director of Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and European American Investment Bank He is currently the Director at Sino Mercury Company. lists that Reifler graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. After graduating, in 1982, he founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation.  His more than 30 years’ experience in different fields and businesses have over the years taught him a lot hence making him great at what he does.

He is a well-known speaker and advisor regarding investments .the economy offers much potential regarding investments and knowing the right area to invest in will greatly determine whether your investment will bring about profits or losses. In a recent article published by Reuters, his advice to investors was clear and quite educative. He advised them to:

1. Not use all their money and capital in the stock market and should consider the safety of your money as an important factor.

2. Know their fund managers. This is vital to trust the person investing your money.

3. Know why you’re spending, the objectives, and the goals. Once a particular venture is successful, continue investing in it.

According to Reifler, it is important to invest in a venture that will earn profits for you and one that can and is monitored on regular basis. This is an observation he made after he made losses in an investment he had started for his daughters’ college savings plan.He has been on a mission to ensure nobody else makes mistakes when it comes to investments.  His company, Forefront Capital, works diligently to overcome investor fear which resulted from the 2008 financial crisis by being the last firm catering to people’s needs. The forgotten finally have the chance to invest and make a statement in the business world, all thanks to a hero, Brad Reifler.

Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen was invited to appear on Fox Business News recently. He offered his input on the idea of socialism as a governing policy. Mr. Halvorssen also expressed his views on the 2016 presidential race on both the Democratic and Republican sides. Below is a short summary of what Thor Halvorssen had to say about socialism and the presidential race.


When asked about socialism in government, Thor Halvorssen replied that socialism can work effectively as a governing system. He did mention that oftentimes, however dictators and strong men would use socialism as a guise to seize power. This is what he believes happened in his home country of Venezuela. Mr. Halvorssen pointed out that socialism exists in many countries and creates a high quality of life for its citizens in some nations. Sweden is an entirely socialist country that has a high standard of living. Denmark and Norway have socialist democratic governments with heavy socialistic elements.


Socialism is not the bad thing Thor Halvorssen states, and people should not be afraid of it. Rather the stripping of rights and dictatorships are the real threat to people around the world. Even the US government has a few elements of socialism in it policies.


On the 2016 presidential race, Thor Halvorssen criticized Hilary Clinton. The former secretary of state has taken millions of dollars in donations from dictatorial regimes in Africa and the Middle East for her Clinton Foundation. Many of these countries restrict women’s rights, execute homosexuals and ban freedom of the press. Mrs. Clinton should not be accepting donations from such countries and leaders says Thor Halvorssen. He said that Bernie Sanders is the better candidate in the democratic primary ballot because he has nothing to do with abusers of human rights, while Clinton does. As for the Republican nominee, he says that Trump must respect minorities and religious groups. His rhetoric can be deemed offensive and he must show that the US respects all people.

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Status Labs is a company in Austin, Texas that helps businesses clear up their names after controversy strikes the company and the media gives them bad press. Status Labs has helped over one thousand different companies fix their bad reputations. Some people scoff about the use of companies that help clear up bad reputations for companies, but in today’s age of the internet and social media it is a good idea to have a company like Status Labs take care of bad press coverage.

A year ago Status Labs was pulled into a status crisis of their own. One of the former executives made a poor judgement move that resulted in controversy that was put into the media spotlight by the press.

The goal Status Labs had to fix their reputation was to change their behavior that was the issue and make it a lasting change. The company had the executive resign and they ensured the news was made aware of the resignation. They put out a letter explaining that they had the executive resign and are focusing on the future of the company.

The company next chose to work more with the community so people would know they weren’t villains. They helped out with charities like Dress for Success, Caritas, Urban Roots, the Texas Food Band and the Blood and Tissue Center.

Status Labs chose to work harder on making employees happier. They created a stock option plan so they could make equity in Status Labs. They began catering lunch each Friday for employees. They even permitted some employees to bring in good behavior pets into the office. They even created outings days like kayaking and other employee activities. Status Labs also ensured to start rewarding employees who worked hard or made great contributions to the company. Last of all they started a newsletter so that each month employees are briefed on all the current things going on at Status Labs.

According to The Huffington Post, the very last step Status Labs took when improving their image was to be more careful about who they hire. The company is currently in a very positive place culturally, growth wise and have a positive looking future once again. Status Labs feels they have gained even more insight into helping out their future clients with cleaning up their image now that they have experienced it themselves and the team looks forward to helping out more businesses repair their status.

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Controversy has broken out including some of San Francisco’s officials. George Gascon, San Francisco’s DA, has been accused with racist remarks. The accusations have seen set by a former Police Officers Association president, Gary Delagnes who also spent twenty-five years in he force and retired in 2013. He has set forth statements that say that he has made racially insensitive and homophobic comments. Dalagnes, who even attended George Gascon’s wedding, recalls “booze-fueled night out with union leaders” where he made those remarks. He also says that Gascon says he isn’t concerned about diversity in the police force. Delagnes submitted this on a Tuesday a week after Gascon made a speech quoting that “influences the ability for a chief of police or frankly even a police commission to effectuate reform.” Delaganes continues recalling times hearing Gascon making racial remarks again, while he was drinking alcohol, and where current POA Martin Halloran was also present. Gascon was remembering his times at the Los Angeles Police Department. He was making statements of racial profanity including minorities. He had been so loud that a African American gentleman asked him to quiet down because he was offending his family. The situation complicated when Martin Halloran came to Gascon’s rescue when he said that “the declaration speaks for itself.” Neither party gave specifics. Delagnes came back saying that “If called as a witness by Gascon’s blue ribbon panel, he will testify in more detail about the statements.” Alex Bastain came into the situation when he says that Delagnes “lacks in credibility, he makes up for in imagination.” These were Delagnes concerns of the current people in position of the SFPD. Check out this video on Youtube for more information.

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There are a lot of great role models in the world of business today. Although the business community generally gets a bad reputation from the press, there are a lot of people that children should emulate. Martin Lustgarten has had a lot of success in the world of investment banking over the past couple of years. He has done a great job of building up his career and his wealth. During his time in the industry, Martin had to endure a lot of change. Not only were the regulations changing constantly, but he was also having to invest in various parts of his own companies. As technology changed, he knew that he would have to change as well. This is one of the biggest reasons why he has had so much success in his career.


Martin Lustgarten


There are some people who have a unique combination of both personal and financial skills. He is a great example of the success that these people can have when they also have a great work ethic. Over the long term, there are many people looking for advice when it comes to success. For people like Martin Lustgarten, he simply works a lot harder than most people care to. Staying consistent in regards to accomplishing goals is one of the most important things that separates him from the rest.


Helping Others
Martin Lustgarten loves to help other people accomplish their goals and dreams. Over a long period of time, he has helped people with a wide variety of topics. Not only does he have a great career, but he has also used his wealth to help others along the way. His willingness and desire to help others is one of the things that really separates him from other people in the field. Over time, he will continue to pour into the lives of other people around him.

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Madison Street Capital headed by Anthony Marsala is one of the leading providers of finance related products and services to its clients – in both individual and corporate level. Capital raising is one such service that this company is well-versed in. The fund raising effort is done through many resources including venture capitalists, angel investors, financial institutions and so on, some of which are explained below.

Venture capitalists fund businesses or purposes that they think are viable and have the potential to grow and bring profit. The capital is procured to firms with an innovation that has large scale potential in the future which means those firms that can show their ability to produce the expected profit have better chances of getting this fund. Venture capitalists have a wide range of policies and investment criteria before they invest in a firm. They do share a common trait though. For example, a venture capitalist group is made of small firms that are interested in doing business with profitable businesses and are attracted to higher risk opportunities. This also means they gain a substantial ownership on the firm they are interested in. Angel investors are another source of financing. These are private investors who are seeking new business investments for a number of personal and economic reasons.

Madison Street Capital has helped a number of investors from various sectors in setting up initial public offering as well. These clients have decided to sell their ownership to the market through shares. In addition to the lure of working capital, the process will make the firm more attractive to general public as well as employees of the firm. Then there are businesses that raise fund through franchise programs. Madison Street Capital’s professionals will help with this process from start to end and explain to its clients the rules and regulation involved in a particular program.

Financial institutions providing the needed fund vary in their operating policies. Sometimes it is hard to get fund without proper plan and guidance. That guidance is obtained at Madison Street Capital because you are dealing with a service provider that comprises of highly skilled and trained financial experts who work day in and day out to provide the requested service to their clients and make sure that they are satisfied with it as well. In essence, if you are planning to raise fund for your business, this firm is the right place to be.

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