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Preparing for retirement is an important part of every person’s career life. Most people in the United States save for retirement by saving a portion of their income in a 401k. This is good but the money saved does not guarantee one the same kind of lifestyle they used to enjoy. One may assume that Social Security will take care of the difference. Unfortunately, social security only gives $2800 per family where both spouses are working. This is where the revolutionary investment idea by Matt Badiali called Freedom Checks comes in.

Matt Badiali who works at Banyan Hill as an analyst came up with Freedom Checks which is a profitable investment idea. By using a law in the constitution that few people know about he has been able to provide the opportunity to earn high returns and get government subsidies for his investors. Investors get high returns legally because the companies that they invest in do not get taxed. In addition, investors also receive checks from the government since they have made good use of their capital.

According to the US tax law that Matt Badiali leverages in Freedom Checks, companies that use up to 90% or more of locally sourced raw materials are eligible for tax exemption. Statute 26-F of the tax code holds that if a company has used American resources for transportation, storage, processing, and production they qualify for tax exemption. Investments into these companies are used to run the companies by buying machinery, paying employees along with any other operational costs.

Very few companies qualify for this exemption as most companies in the country have outsourced operation to Asia and that means they cannot qualify. These companies according to statute 26-F are expected to give a portion of revenue to shareholders and this is why Freedom Checks are very profitable to investors. This is however much lower than the amount required by the IRS as federal tax annually.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an Analyst at Banyan Hill publishing. He attended Penn State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Geoscience. He holds a Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University.

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Sunday Riley is an entrepreneur who launched her own skincare products after finding many of the products that were on the market were not satisfying her need for quality. She does not put any unnatural ingredients in her skincare products. The Sunday Riley product line comes with a price.

For many fans of the product line, the price is well worth it. While the Sunday Riley product line is generally made up of skincare products the company expects to add to the family soon. The company has attempted, in the past, to launch a full line of cosmetics. The line was discontinued after a couple years.

The Sunday Riley Skincare line had humble beginnings. When the company started out, it was easy for its founder to find a store to carry the products. Sunday Riley Skincare products could be found exclusively at one high-end retailer with stores in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago.

The most difficult part of launching a skincare line for Sally Riley was the advertising. Like many companies who are just starting she found that she had an almost non-existing advertising budget. She turned to social media.

Riley found that handing out samples the takers would post their reviews online, many to their social media accounts. She advertised via her own social media outlets, with the help of friends and family, free samples of her skincare products. Takers of the skincare samples tried it out and even those with only a few hundred followers shared the results and their likes along with their dislikes. Word-of-mouth spread and the Sunday Riley Skincare line was in business.

Sunday Riley was hesitant about using her own name on the bottles of her skincare products. She felt this is going to be a reflection of who she was. Perhaps, this would cause some not to buy the products. Then again if the products fail, this too would forever be linked to her personally. She gave her line of skincare products her name only because the high-end retailer agreeing to stock a supply of it insisted upon it.

The Passion

David McDonald is a man of high standards and goals. He is passionate about the David McDonald OSI group and what they do. He started out at the bottom when he joined the OSI Group, just like so many people would. Through hard work and determination, he worked his way up the ladder. The David McDonald OSI group is a premier global food provider. David has played a large role in the success of this company. He strives to provide the needs of customers without the hassle.

The Venture of David McDonald

A recent acquisition of Baho Foods has helped David McDonald OSI Group’s presence even through Europe. He has also helped to establish 10 different Chinese factories that serve some very well known chain restaurants.

Starting from the ground up, David McDonald OSI Group has turned into a global leader. They started out as a neighborhood butcher shop in the early 20th century. It was based in Chicago. This butcher shop soon became a supplier for the restaurant McDonalds. Since then it has grown and become a provider for so many more food chains, both in the US and Internationally.

Background of David

David McDonald grew up on a farm and always enjoyed agriculture. He is a graduate from Iowa State University. His Bachelors degree is in animal science. He has been recognized throughout his life. As a senior in college, he was awarded with “outstanding seniors who display high character, outstanding achievement in academics and university/community activities, and promise of continuing these exemplary qualities as alumni.” In 2004 he won the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award. This was due to activism with the alumni association, and in 2014 he won University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award for Iowa state.

David McDonald has become a leader in the food provider industry and works with many different companies around the world providing first-class service to all the vendors. From a farm kid to international food service provider, David McDonald OSI group rises to the top.OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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The first thing that I have to say about NewsWatch Tv is that it is an internet marketers dream. I say that because it has tons of useful information that can help a marketer find a niche or something to promote, or sale as a drop shipper. NewsWatch TV has many reviews on the latest technology. This is great because people are always looking for the next best thing. Whether it be a new gaming console or a new health device to help you stay alert when something is about to go wrong with your body.

In the past I have done a little bit of drop shipping myself. In my experience it was always very hard to find out what products were really selling. The way I found them was just by chance or seeing an ad on youtube. NewsWatch TV is a one stop shop for anyone who has had this problem in the past like me. NewsWatch TV can also offer great advice about financial issues or investments that may be profitable for you.

I watched a review about a new mobile app  called Optifi. The subject was about Merging Technology and Traditional Investing. The app always you to organize what you would like to invest in. It provides a list of great investments to choose from. Once you have made your choice. The Optifi app then allows you to select your price range of how much you would like to invest. Once you have funded your investment with the minimum $5000.00 amount. You are able to monitor your investment through the app for updates on your progress.

I thought that this interview was great because most people don’t even know what to invest in. I myself look for things to invest in and don’t even know where or how to get started. The Optifi app is a great tool for beginners because it will guide you and help you get started. Results is what matters to me and I think that many people will get great results using the Optifi app.

Upwork Teaches You 5 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Getting through a to-do list is always a challenge, especially for the procrastinators among us. Upwork has a few tips that will help you sail through yours before anyone can utter the words “Honey do”.

  1. Write everything down in advance.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never remember everything on your to-do list. Don’t wait until morning to plan your day or you’ll lose valuable time and energy. Write your list the night before so you’ll be ready to tackle it first thing.

  1. Location is everything.

You’ll waste a lot of time running or driving hither and yon trying to get everything done. Group tasks in areas or zones. Have an errand to run across town? Try to arrange all of your other errands or appointments so they can be done along the same route. Cleaning the house? Start at one end and work your way to the other.

  1. Track your time.

This isn’t quite the same thing as giving yourself a deadline. When constructing your list, write a start time and an estimate of how long the task should take. No one can account for unavoidable deadlines, especially when finishing a task depends on someone else doing their part. But, time tracking will help you get more done in the allotted amount of time.

  1. Prioritize.

Consider this a sort of to-so list triage. It’s especially helpful for dealing with those unavoidable delays. If you create a sense of urgency for tasks that must be finished by a certain date or time, you ensure that the essentials are out of the way before you tackle less important items.

  1. Break it down.

A long list of tasks can seem overwhelming. Break the bigger jobs down into smaller sub-tasks and knock them out one at a time. Before you know it, those big jobs will handled with less stress and hassle.

Upwork Global, Inc, formerly known as Elance-oDesk, is one of the top internet platforms for freelancers. If you’re looking for a network of like-minded peers from a range of industries, Upwork is the place to find your tribe.

For survival, our bodies need food. Regardless of where and what time an individual eats the food, the food that people eat play a critical role when it comes to the way the mind and the body operate. Sometimes, people eat unhealthy foods, and this brings an adverse effect of the human body system. Some of the impact of unhealthy food in the system include feeling sleepy and lethargic. Eating health food makes one not to stave and at the same time improves the quality life of an individual. Eating healthy foods makes people feel and look great as well as having a healthy brain. Some foods have been found to hurt the brain such as cognitive decline while others can lower the risk of some mental disorders.

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Neurocore is an organization that deals with the activities of the brain as well as its disorders. Rochelle Finntelman is a physician who works with Neurocore and treats patients who have sleep issues, stress, migraine headaches, as well as the inability to focus. The organization uses biofeedback to treat these disorders. Biofeedback involves training the patient on how to breathe deeply. In addition to this, Neurocore uses neurofeedback to treat patients who have altered brain waves using technology. This kind of treatment is perfect for adults, athletes and even children. At Neurocore, they have to assess the patient to understand where the patient needs begin before putting the patient under any treatment. The patient breathing is monitored using a belt. See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

Dealing with anxiety

Shaking hands, sweaty palms, racing heart, and dry mouth are all signs of anxiety and stress. Stress is normal in human beings from time to time. However, there are times that anxiety brings too much weight into someone’s life affecting its quality. When this happens, it is an indication that some other mental health issues are affecting an individual. It is not clear why some people are more likely to experience anxiety more than others. Some theories are trying to explain this, and they point out that this is caused by the chemistry of the brain. In addition to this, the theories claim that the environmental situations of an individual as well as the genetics and differences in perceptions are some of the causes of mental disorders. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

OSI Group recently acquired Flagship Europe, a company based in the United Kingdom that supplies a wide variety of food products including pies, sauces, and frozen poultry. OSI is one of the largest companies of its kind in the world when it comes to producing food with operations in 17 countries around the world. This purchase will help OSI expand even more in the European market and allow them to supply their current customers with even more products to meet their needs.

Before OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, they had recently expanded their offerings with the Food To Go program. This took place after they purchased the company Calder Foods who provides sauces, dips, mayonnaise, and sandwich fillings. Flagship is excited about the transaction and believes that it will bring big things for both companies. They now have access to many resources from OSI that will help them gain a stronger place in the food market. To know more about the company click here.

The Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI David McDonald believes that the products offered by Flagship compliment the line that is already being offered by OSI Group. This expansion of offerings will be very useful to their customers whose food supply needs are constantly changing. He states that they are on the lookout for new ways to support the evolving demands of their customers around the world. By bringing on board the team at Flagship, he will be able to have new insight on the region that the company served before the acquisition. Each region has their own specific needs and demands that the local companies are familiar with.

OSI Group is a well-known icon of the Midwest in the United States. Based out of Chicago, they have been doing business for more than a decade. What began as a humble butcher shop ran by a German immigrant has grown to an international business that continues to expand to this day. The company first began to expand considerably in the international market in the 1980’s and 1990’s due to their close relationship with the fast-food chain McDonald’s. Their vision to constantly grow and improve hasn’t changed and their loyal customers appreciate that.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Jose Auriemo Neto (known as Zeco by his friends) became the president of the family-owned JHSF when still under 30. He had a long history before that, having worked for the company since a teenager. After graduating high school when only 17, he studies engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Sao Paulo. However, during these years he decided to pursue a career at JHSF instead. He was a leader in the company by the time it started concentrating on incorporation in the 90s. During the early 2000s Ariemo began leading JHSF into retail and then into luxury shopping malls. Auriemo later assumed the position of CEO upon his father’s retirement, see also (Istoedinheiro.com).

The company’s first luxury mall was called Parque Cidade Jardim. This massive complex included not only the impressive shopping area, but also residential buildings, various other commercial buildings, and academies. He is famous throughout the world for revolutionizing the fashion scene in Brazil. In 2017, Mariana and Zeco Auriemo put on a dinner party of especial splendor in honor of the arrival of the top Italian fashion sandal brand, Rene Caovilla, to the Cidade Jardim shopping mall. Zeco and his wife, who is also a company administrator, have two children. His little family is his top priority. He makes it a point to spend as much time with them as possible.

In 2016 he temporarily moved his family to New York while he oversaw the companies first residential project in the U.S. The project was on 5th Avenue, one of the most coveted residential areas in the world.

Check out this link, https://glamurama.uol.com.br/galeria/principe-albert-de-monaco-em-jantar-chez-mariana-e-zeco-auriemo/.


An established group of constitutional law scholars, including Sujit Choudhry, organized to wrote a letter to the governments of Spain and Catalonia regarding their current constitutional crisis. At the time the letter was written dialogue between the two sides of the crisis had broken down to the point where discussion was not happening at all.

These scholars called for open and frank discussions to occur, and counseled each side on the importance of allowing communication to continue. Sujit Choudhry and other scholars gave specific ideas to both sides that would help demonstrate their willingness to work together, as well as clearly define where their side was drawing their strength behind their cause from. This included the organization of a referendum, and peaceful demonstration.

Above all, Sujit Choudhry and his fellow scholars note the importance of listening to the will of the people in their calls for independence, that their view be recognized. At the same time it implores Catalonia in understanding what their wishes would mean for the Spanish government and constitution, so that all involved would understand the constitutional order that would be needed in order to gain independence.

View also https://medium.com/@monicagewirtz/sujit-choudhry-research-meets-action-in-creating-updating-constitutional-law-around-the-globe-c8553afe14ca.

Sujit Choudhry is a recognized leader in constitutional law, and works as a professor at the University of California, Berkley. He founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions where he advises leaders in creating strong constitutions for their own countries, see (Patch.com). Because of his knowledge in politics, and international constitutional law, Choudhry has served both the United Nations and the World Bank. In order to spread his ideas and instill methods to address constitutional law, Choudhry believes in in depth research and field experience talking to the people of countries that are experiencing constitutional crisis.

His methods have been shared across publications, news articles, books, and in the classroom, watch more details here on (Youtube.com). Most importantly though is the work he does with leaders of emerging governments to help them determine what their constitution will look like.

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Dr Rod Rohrich is an award winning plastic surgeon who lives in Dallas Texas. Dr. Rohrich is known worldwide for being a rhinoplasty specialist. He’s taught and showed thousands of aspiring future plastic surgeons his approach on rhinoplasty around the world. He’s also wrote hundreds of medical books and article on the subject and is a chairman for the Dallas Rhinoiplasty Dr. Rod provides a variety of operations and services to his patients. Here are all the services he gives…

  1. Revision rhinoplasty. – This is also called secondary rhinoplasty. This is a corrective surgery for people who had rhinoplasty before but had complications or the surgery just came out bad. Since the nasal structures are so sensitive and this surgery has already been performed once, this procedure is often thought of as the most difficult and hardest surgeries a plastic surgeon can perform.

For people who want a revision rhinoplasty, is it very important to choose a surgeon who is trained, certified and licensed.

  1. Rhinoplasty- This surgery could also be called nose reshaping. This surgery helps improve the appearance, function, and shape of a nose.
  2. Facelift- The facelift lifts the deepest layers in the face and also include filling up the cheeks, and other areas of the face that are sagging with fat. This procedure is called fat compartment filling. A facelift can also include neck lifts and other techniques, but it could take months or even years to get used to your new face.
  3. Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery- This surgery helps improve the shape, size, and symmetry of the breasts and even help balance out your body proportions. Dr. Rohrich understands that every woman’s body is different and with each woman he provides a variety of breast implants shapes, and materials such as saline breast implants, silicone gel breast implants and opportunities to minimize the incision. He even provides prepectoral or sub-pectoral placements. Dr. Rohrich also gave funding to the AiRS foundation, a organization with a goal of helping woman who got mastectomy and need breast implants.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drrodrohrich