Modern Entrepreneur Doe Deere

  The modern world is always changing. This has been particularly true of selling in the last decade. Once only an idea in someone’s head, today the internet is the place to buy and sell many items. Such is particularly true for many beauty products. Today’s customers know they need not make a run to […]

Jim Hunt Makes Accurate Early Bear Market Predictions

If you want to make money in the markets then you must jump in with both feet while the profits are good. This, of course, is easier said than done. Understanding when a bear or bull market is on the horizon is often predicated on a deep knowledge of trends and movements within a variety […]

Dojo Plans to Use $21 Million to upgrade its App that Creates Parent-teacher Meeting Platform

ClassDojo has generated a record $21 million in its second round of project funding aimed at connecting educators to parents of students and assisting them to communicate consistently about learner’s activities, and their social life development at school. Benefits of the ClassDojo program Parents can track the behavior of students at the school. The parents […]

Shaygan Kheradpir Succeeds Pat DiPietro as the New Coriant CEO

In late September, 2015, Coriant announced that Shaygan Kheradpir was to take over the leadership of the telecommunications giant from Pat DiPietro. Kheradpir would become the new CEO and chair Coriant’s Board while DiPietro would become his second in command. Fiercetelecom press reported that Shaygan joined the company after forging close working relationships with Marlin […]

Kevin Seawright Partners With RPS Solutions To Make Home Ownership A Reality

A newly-announced project in the city of Baltimore is helping first-time home buyers purchase new homes. The newly-formed partnership with Community Economic Development Corporation CEO Kevin Seawright is receiving tremendous praise from the city of Baltimore. Seawright has partnered with RPS Solutions LLC to make this project possible. Thousands of people in the city can […]

Ross Abelow Raises Funds to Shelter Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow, who is a New York-based attorney, was pleased to announce the launch of a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising $5000 to cater for animal shelters and homeless animals. The campaign was launched on 13th of January with an aim of providing support to homeless animals in the City. With temperatures hitting a record […]

What You Do Not Know About Wealth Solutions

WEALTH SOLUTIONS It is true that individuals who do not have time or experience, wealth management can be so daunting for them. Therefore as a matter of advice, it is wise to seek services of an experienced investment advisor for purposes of wealth preservation. For example, many home owners are currently using online rental platforms […]

Investing With The Non-accredited Investors

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur who is best known as the founder and the chief executive of Forefront Capital since May of 2009. He is the CEO of both Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. These two companies are an advisory board that provides experienced guidance in the world of commodities and the forex markets. […]

Halvorssen Praises Sanders And Attacks Rivals

Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen was invited to appear on Fox Business News recently. He offered his input on the idea of socialism as a governing policy. Mr. Halvorssen also expressed his views on the 2016 presidential race on both the Democratic and Republican sides. Below is a short summary of what Thor Halvorssen […]

Reputation Company Repairing their Status

Status Labs is a company in Austin, Texas that helps businesses clear up their names after controversy strikes the company and the media gives them bad press. Status Labs has helped over one thousand different companies fix their bad reputations. Some people scoff about the use of companies that help clear up bad reputations for […]